4 Steps to Deep Cleaning Your Home for Summer

Clean Home

With the whole world Marie Kondo-ing their lives, this cleaning post felt like the right thing to do. And it’s a change of season, which means it’s a fresh start! Also for summer, check out our post on 2019’s BEST SPF OPTIONS for you, mama!

Let’s get cleaning! 

I love a clean and tidy space. Some may say that based on my decor choices, I’m a “Minimalist”, but the truth is that I don’t like clutter. It makes me anxious and my brain busy. I value what I have, so I want it on display most of the time! 

For me, a clean space gives me peace of mind, helps me be productive, and is aesthetically pleasing. What’s more magical than that? 

Summer Deep Clean

One of my annual rituals is to deep clean each area of my home during the week of the last day of school. As a teacher, my house does not get the attention it deserves September through May! Rather than Spring Cleaning, we do a Summer Cleaning. 

If you missed your Spring time clean, maybe this is the right time for you, too! Here’s what I do to get my home to sparkle:

1. The Kitchen

I prefer to start here because it’s the hub of our home. It tends to be the area that needs the most love, so I do it first. 

My first task is to load the dishwasher. I also put in items that I don’t usually think to clean – the strainer in the sink, sponges, vases, the cookie jar, etc. I run it and then while the sink is empty, I SCRUB it. Using a Magic Eraser helps with this! We have a deep basin that stains easily so I need a little extra elbow grease. 

Note: if you’re going to be soaking or cleaning the grates on your stovetop, this is the time to grab them! Recently, I did the physical grates, the burners, and the vent screens, so I’m not completing this step today! I’ll link to a good resource for that here

After the sink, I tackle the tidying. ANYTHING that doesn’t live in the kitchen moves on to the couch for now. This included: 

  • a binder 
  • mail 
  • nail polish 
  • a Mother’s Day card 
  • a sprinkler 
  • eye drops 

Now, grab your favorite cleaning spray! Mine is Mrs. Meyer’s. I LOVE this lilac scent. It reminds me of my mom! I spray and wipe each and every knob, pull, and drawer thoroughly. 

Dust your light fixtures! 

Next up, if you have gunk on your stovetop, it’s time to tackle it. I use this awesome homemade paste. It’s:

  • one last baking soda 
  • 1/2-3/4 parts water 
  • 1-3 drops of citrus essential oil 

It forms this amazing smelling paste that you dribble on to your stovetop and rub in. I use water and paper towels to wipe it all up and the mess is gone! 

Let’s make this room sparkle. Using my Mrs. Meyer’s, I wipe down counter tops and all appliances. 

If you’re feeling up to it, get into your pantry and fridge to pull out what’s expired and what you can donate. I did this over the weekend. Caleigh and I vacuumed out the pantry drawer and reorganized the kitchen shelves.  

The last step in this room (and every room for that matter) is the flooring. I sweep and/or vacuum and then Wet Jet

Cleaning: Kitcheb
I love a tidy, clean kitchen space!

2. The Bathroom(s)

These can be scary to clean for some people, so let’s walk through the steps of a magically clean water closet:

I start by applying my favorite cleaning solutions, Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Castile Soap. I dilute this with water and apply to the o the toilets, tubs, showers, and sinks. My daughter, who is 3, likes to help “spray” and I’d much rather her do this with something natural and without chemicals. It does the job AND it’s less expensive than other options because you always cut it with something. Depending on how long it’s been since I’ve scrubbed, I let it sit. 

(And girl, it’s been some time since I’ve deep cleaned, so it sat for at least 10 minutes)

I begin with the sink area: the mirror, sink top, faucets, and the shelving we have above the toilet. I dust the baseboards, light fixtures, and behind the bathtub. 

While the solution is soaking in the potty, I use my Mr. Clean Sponge to attack the tub. This time of year doesn’t see much tub usage, so it’s nice that it might STAY CLEAN for a while (unlike every other room in the house!) 

After the tub is sparkly and white, I go into the shower. This is a task I dread: the grout. I bought this tool for our grout and is works okay, but isn’t a miracle maker. I start at the top and work down. This feels like it takes FOREVER – especially for such a small shower! Perhaps this is a chore I should do more frequently to avoid it being this massive thing? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Finally, we scrub the toilet. Don’t forget the areas at the BASE of the toilet! They are often neglected and usually dusty. 

I toss the bath mats into the laundry area and wrap up with sweeping and polishing the floors. TA DA! Another room down! 

Cleaning: bathroom
A tiny, yet clean, shower

3. The Living & Dining Rooms

We have an open concept first floor, so the dining and living rooms are one bigger space. These two are fairly simple: 

  • remove what doesn’t belong. It doesn’t have to go in place for now, but collect ALL of it in one area 
  • Dust the baseboards & light fixtures 
  • Dust the windows, shelves, blinds if you have them!
  • Wipe down top spaces (dining room table, coffee table, end tables – all the tables) 
  • Sweep/vacuum/wax! 


If you have the time or inclination, I also do the bedrooms. I strip all the beds, dust ceiling fans and baseboards, and take care of the floors. 

Last week, I tackled the windows, both inner and outer glass. Have you ever used Windex Outdoor Spray? If not, try it. I bought two bottles – they attach to the end of the hose for outer windows – and I didn’t even go through the first one. I do them once a year and this was the easiest because of this product! 

The final piece of this is organization. While it’s not cleaning per se, it is something I do along the way while I’m in each room. I recycle, gather important papers, and sort into piles. 

Daily Cleaning Tips:

  1. Make your bed & tidy your living spaces – EVERYTHING HAS A HOME!
  2. Sweep/vacuum/mop the floors and area rugs
  3. Wipe down common spaces (coffee table, countertops, bathroom sink)
  4. Dishes washed/in the dishwasher and rinse out sink

Having a clean home means that I have time and energy to focus on the FUN parts of my life. And that’s just what I plan to do this summer!

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