50 Tips To Summer Magic: a Summer Bucket List!

Making Summer Magical

I was on a little run recently and I was listening to a podcast that really hit home. The scenario introduced was 10 years in the future. You and your kiddo are sitting in the dining room. They are working on homework. The question they are asked is, “what do you remember about the time when COVID-19 impacted the world?”

I quite literally stopped in my tracks. I pictured this SO vividly: sitting with Caleigh while I edit a video and she works on her laptop. She’s pulling up old Instagram photos and our YouTube videos to see what life in COVID-19 2020 was like.

My hope is that she will remember HOW MUCH FUN WE HAD. That mama was home more often to read to her, play games, bake, draw, and dance. Right now, she’s 4, but I know she’s watching.

This all leads me to RIGHT NOW. This summer. We know that this summer is going to be remembered no matter what we do. The question becomes, what do you want it remembered for?

My answer: MAGIC. Pure summer magic.

(Also, please remember to wear your SPF! Summer magic does NOT come from sunburns. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.)

Ohhhh, We’re Halfway There!

We’re halfway through July – YIKES THAT HURTS TO TYPE – and I am being intentional with how we spend each and every day. Otherwise, they will melt with the heat of the sun and slip through my fingers. All of a sudden, it’ll be September and I’ll wonder, where did summer go?

Not this year. Summer is going to the beach, eating al fresco in our backyard, making homemade ice cream for dinner, learning to do cartwheels, and 46 other amazing summer-only things.

Does 46 seem specific to you?

That’s because IT IS! In early June, I created a bucket list of 50 Family Friendly Ways To Have a Magical Summer! Since then, we’ve built a Facebook Group called Fairy Tale Summer. We go LIVE here each week where we pull a summer activity stick based on the list and do whatever it is. So far, we’ve had an ice cream for dinner party, and cartwheeled our hearts out! This week is all about making popsicles and having a squirt gun fight!

Fairy Tale Summer FB

We hope you’ll join us on Facebook to see what we get up to and to help give you ideas when you’re too hot/tired/stressed to be the creative genius we know you are (girl, have you downloaded your Summer Bucket List yet?)!

AND if you want to watch me explain our Summer Bucket List, Facebook Group, or giveaways (WAHOO!), I have a short (9 minute) video for you here:

Mamas, I hope you’re living each of these beautiful, warm, sunshiney days in your absolute best way because you deserve that (and so do your kids!). Happy summer, happy July, happy life.



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