Spring Self Care

Self care is important in every season of the year, but I find that I CRAVE it during spring months! As we’re approaching spring time, I want to share with you ways that I focus on myself, ranging in price. Let’s jump in!

(Psst – I have a self care checklist here for you!)

Spring Self Care Tip #1: Clean Out Your Closet!

This is a FREE self care activity! This year, because of my weight loss, my closet cleaning took a bit longer than normal, but regardless of my size, I do this every single year. Having a clean, ready to make outfit closet space brings me peace and I find that I wear MORE of my clothing (and am happier in my outfits) when I can see everything laid out at a glance.

Feel overwhelming? Let’s break this down:

  1. Start with ONE section at a time.  
  2. Take EVERYTHING out. This means, you can’t just run your hands over it, but physically pull it out from your closet or drawer, make sure it fits, and then put it back if you love it. Don’t love it? 
  3. sell & donate. I use Poshmark and local consignment options for selling OR for my more well loved clothes, I donate to local shelters. 
  4. Put on some music and GET TO WORK! Don’t forget your shoes, undies, and undergarments!

Overall, my closet took me about 2 hours to do. I also filled in information for my local consignment shop as I worked, so that added time.

If you’re looking for advanced closet cleaning, buy yourself matching hangers! I use soft touch rose gold hangers that I found on Amazon. I think they elevate my wardrobe because everything looks like a store! 

Spring Self Care Tip #2: Clean Your House!

Ok, so if you’ve been following us on Instagram for a while, then you’ll know that we just hired a professional monthly cleaning service. This doesn’t mean we won’t ever clean at home (we have a 4 year old!), BUT it greatly diminishes what we need to do and how much time it’ll take.

I was skeptical of spending this money. This is work I can do myself, so why should I pay for it? Right?

WELL. When I came home on that fateful Wednesday evening and opened the door to SPARKLING surfaces and shiny floors, I was 100% sold. Best money I’ve ever spent.

And it really wasn’t that costly! We’re using a national chain called Handy (I heard about this on a podcast). For our monthly cleaning in the size of our home, it’s around $90 per month.

I’m NOT a Handy affiliate, but I do have a coupon code for you (I don’t make money from this!) if you want to try Handy this spring and see how much TIME it can save you! If you use this link, you’ll get $40 OFF your first cleaning!

Handy features different cleaning plans and add ons. I was even able to keep in touch with our professional cleaner through the app! I’m PICKY when it comes to how my space is cleaned, so I was super impressed with the attention to detail and how I can’t wait for April to arrive to have that BRAND NEW clean feeling!

If this isn’t something you’re interested in, I have a video for you! I posted a deep summer Clean With Me and while it’s a different season, my steps are the exact same.

Getting your physical space tidy, useable, and in order is HUGELY important in my opinion. If it all feels like too much, take ONE room, one drawer, one space at a time and set an actual timer for 20-30 minutes. Do what you can and continue the next day! March is the perfect month to do this!

Spring Self Care Tip #3: Set a Goal!

I love goal setting. It makes my heart go pitter patter. Working to achieve or attain something is how I motivate myself. This is SOUL cleaning for me. We’re three months into the year, so it’s time to evaluate this first quarter.

What did you set out to do at the start of 2020? Have you made progress? Be honest! What’s preventing you from getting there? What can you do today, this week to start to work on this?

One of my goals right now is to get my act together financially. I know, not sexy, but it’s allowing me to use my money toward my priorities (which include buying a camera for our YouTube channel and picking out a new summer wardrobe!). How I’m saving for these matters! I build a financial mile marker into my weekly goals.

If you want to see how I goal set on a weekly/monthly basis, let me know in the comments!

Spring Self Care Tip #4: Do Something For YOU!

Because I love fashion and beauty, I find that my favorite things are often pricey. And because I’m budgeting, I don’t often have the room financially to splurge on what I want.

My solution?


Spring Self Care

I talk about this subscription service A LOT because I genuinely love it. The box costs around $75 quarterly. It comes four times a year around new seasons with over $200 worth of high quality, name brand products. It fills ALL my needs for seasonal shopping and I’ve NEVER been disappointed in a box!

If you are looking to try out FabFitFun for yourself, I have a discount code for you! Use this link and the code RAINBOW for 20% off your first box! You can cancel this ANY time, but I know you won’t want to!

If you want to see a sneak peek into how much comes in this box, I filmed an unboxing last summer (and more recently on my IGTV).

That’s it, loves! My four best tips on how to take care of yourself this spring. Make time and space for YOU and hit the refresh button from your skincare to your home! I hope you found this helpful.

Happy Spring! xoxo

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