Disney Princess Skating Craft

Disney Princess Skating

On a chilly Sunday afternoon, I was talking to Caleigh about how she and my husband, Marc, were going skating that day and what she hoped to be able to do in on the ice. She’s been skating a whopping TWO times, but thinks she’s a pro…

Oh to have the unfettered confidence of a four year old!

My craft-brain started to churn and I thought up a little project for us to do thet would be simple, but take a little prep.

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We shared our Disney Pumpkin crafts this fall and the response was overwhelming! We hope you like this idea just as much.

Supplies for the Disney Princess Skating Craft:

  • Tongue depressors/craft sticks/popsicle sticks
  • Disney Princess (or any character) silhouettes
  • Paint or crayons
  • Glue
  • Ice cube tray
Disney Princess Skating Craft Supplies
We had all of this for free ready to go at home!

Steps to Complete Disney Princess Skating Craft:

I used my Cricut Maker (I got this for Christmas and I LOVE IT) to cut out Disney Princess silhouettes, but you could easily sketch these by hand, trace them, or even have your little draw them themselves!

Disney Princess Skating Craft Cricut
Getting the Princesses ready to cut!
The Cricut Maker working its magic
The Disney Princesses!

After these were cut out (and side note: I did this entirely without my daughter in case I couldn’t get the Cricut to do what I wanted), it was time to decorate and color them!

We used these fantastic paint sticks after we tried a bit of watercolor semi-unsuccessfully. They dry almost instantly and offer much more color payoff! We bought these for Caleigh’s 2019 Easter basket last year and have been loving them ever since!

Disney Princess Skating Craft: Painting
Disney Princess Skating Craft:  Paint
Here’s how they came out!

After they dried a bit, I glued them onto craft sticks.

Disney Princess Skating Craft
Glued on sticks

I used my ice cube tray to make some ice. This is where the real waiting came in. I should have started the ice when the craft began, so don’t be like me! If you want to do this in the same afternoon without waiting, get your ice cubes chillin’!

It took about 45 minutes before the ice was “steady” enough to be poked.

Disney Princess Skating Craft
PSA: This drawer has since been cleaned

Full disclosure: we didn’t play with these in the same day we made them. We ended up having plans and then doing a later bedtime, so we waited.

When it came time to play, we were READY!

Disney Princess Skating Craft: Ready to Play!
Here we go!

We ended up just using Ariel, Belle, and Tiana so we could preserve some of the fun for another day!

She played with these for about 20 minutes. I think they might even be more fun in the bathtub where the ice would melt!


After doing this, I might adjust for future “skating” by:

  • Putting the craft sticks more shallowly (weird word choice, I know) into the water to become ice. When ours melted, the stick poked through and it made it hard for them to “skate”
  • Spraying a little adhesive over the paint. Inevitably, the paper princesses got wet and the watercolor paint started to transfer to our fingers. It’s 100% washable, so no big deal. I think spraying them before they go in the freezer would prevent this!
  • Make batches of these at a time!

That’s it! We really enjoyed this little Disney inspired craft and I think your family will, too!

If you choose to make these, will you tag us @thefairytalefamily on Instagram?! We’d love to see what you make!

Skating with our girls!
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