Our KiwiCo Review & Holiday Gift Ideas!

I owe you an apology.

I’ve been absent from this blog. I’ll go into more detail later on why, but I’m sorry for the radio silence. Blogmas is coming, so I assure you you’ll be hearing from me more often. Can you forgive me?

It’s the season of forgiveness, which leads me to my post today:


Like so many of us, this is my absolute favorite time of the year. I love Christmas. The lights, a tree inside, the wrapping paper, the hosting, the gift giving, the traditions, oh be still my heart! I love all of it. It brings me this sense of childhood wonder. Christmas was always something special in my home and family. It still is.

I have a three year old who is in the throes of understanding Santa. THIS IS WHY I HAVE A CHILD. I could not be more excited for Caleigh to love the joy of this season! And something I love to do (and should likely do less of) is buy her experiences that engage her. I can’t wait to watch her unwrap what we’ve picked out for her!

Sometimes, this can be a challenge and more often that not, this can be expensive. Well, friends, I have a suggestion for you today based on something we received for Caleigh’s birthday.

My sweet and thoughtful cousin Ashlee sent us a box from KiwiCo. This was on Caleigh’s “Wish List” because I saw an ad for it on Facebook (which apparently knows my soul’s inner workings). I clicked on the ad because it was advertised as a “hands-on science and art project” subscription box for ages 0-16+. Crafts with an educational bend? Oh, heck yes. I would choose this over a new toy any day. Aside from this small description, I didn’t know what to expect. Our green box arrived shortly after Cal’s birthday and I was shocked by the quality of what I found inside. This little box held three different craft activities all under one theme. Let me repeat for my ladies who like organization:


The parent booklet showcased each activity, including the level of messiness and the steps that you child is encouraged to do independently (under supervision depending on the age). The theme we received is Rainbow. This came with three activities and a corresponding book:

  1. Rainbow “glass” window art
  2. Rainbow cloud pillow
  3. Rainbow tote bag

We did each of these over the course of several days. The directions are clear and the crate includes everything you need. Caleigh was engaged and loved looking at her finished products! We read the Rainbow book provided many times and we continue to use her pillow & tote bag for her “babies”. I recently took the window art down to replace it with something more festive, but I did put it in her room because she loves the colors and shapes.

The crate we have is the Koala Crate (3-4 years). Each crate has a different goal. For example, ours states “Play and Learn”, but should you order the Atlas Crate (6-11), your focus is “Geography and Culture”. The crates grown with your child as they age. I absolutely love this. I know there are many quality subscription services in the world, but I am sold on this after just one box. If you know me, you also know that I’m picky. If I’m spending money on something, I want the highest quality, especially if it’s for my kiddo.

If you are looking for a gift for a little one in your life, I would highly recommend a KiwiCo crate or subscription. You can choose to send one box total or one per month. They also have individual crates (and a few for the holidays, too!).

A one month gift is $25 and their prices go down per month from there if you purchase a subscription. BUT GUESS WHAT?! I have a little holiday somethin’ somethin’ for you…

If you use the link below, you’ll save $10:

Save $10 on KiwiCo!

I hope this review was helpful. Have you tried this company? I’d love to know your thoughts!

There will be more gift ideas coming your way soon.



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