Disney Parks Review: Must Do Epcot Attractions with Toddlers

Now that we’ve covered our list for Magic Kingdom and what you should be doing with your kiddos, it’s time to move to beautiful EPCOT. Walt Disney’s World’s Epcot – Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow – is divided into two distinct lands: Future World & World Showcase. I think there is a misconception about Epcot and toddlers- that there isn’t enough to do in this park.


Epcot almost doubles the acreage of Magic Kingdom and if you know where to look, you can easily spend a day (or two) here with your children! Let’s dive into our Must Do Epcot list!

Must Do Epcot: Future World

Living with the Land Boat Ride

This is one of the most underrated attractions in all of Walt Disney World! You will find this in The Land Pavilion, tucked away behind Garden Grill. This relaxing boat ride is a full 13 minutes and takes you through an informative journey of our cultural struggle with farming right up until what Disney’s team is currently doing and how they grow their produce. All ages can enjoy this tour and in any weather!

The Seas with Nemo & Friends

There is so much to do in The Seas pavilion! There is the physical attraction – The Seas with New & Friends – which is beautifully themed and has amazing animated effects and Turtle Talk with Crush – an interactive show that focuses on what your children want to know about living in the ocean. I would recommend Fast Pass for The Seas with Nemo because while the ride is continuously moving, it’s also very popular. Caleigh loved the music and sitting in a clamshell.

The Seas also features the world’s second largest salt water aquarium with a plethora of exciting creatures – including both dolphins and sharks. While it’s not a ride, it’s something we could spend a while exploring. The manatees are also found on the second floor and are a personal fave. Between these two pavilions, you can enjoy a full morning!

Honorable Mention: Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth is the iconic image of Epcot – the “golfball” you see when you walk into the park (it’s actually a geodesic dome). Inside this is a slow, continuously moving vehicle that transports you back in time to the start of humanity. I think older kids would really like this, and it’s always a hit with adults, but littles may find it too dark or possibly not entertaining. It’s definitely one Cal will eventually love because of the sections with the stars and earth!

Must Do Epcot Spaceship Earth

Must Do Epcot: World Showcase

On the other side of Epcot is World Showcase, 11 countries that form a horseshoe around a lagoon. World Showcase, unlike Future World, opens later – usually at 11:00am – which makes organizing your day fairly simple: Future World in the earlier morning hours and then World Showcase for the afternoon. While I love to stroll the countries (and sample something from each – eating and drinking around the world, anyone?), I do have some toddler friendly recommendations.

Norway: Frozen Ever After

I am 100% certain this is on EVERY SINGLE must do list. It’s one of the newest and best attractions in Epcot and YOU WILL NEED A FAST PASS! This is the re-imagined Maelstrom – same track, different story. The animatronics in this are amazing and while there is a “fall”, it’s totally manageable and fun for kiddos. Caleigh LOVED this and so did we!

My pro tip here is to do the Anna & Elsa Meet & Greet RIGHT AWAY. This opens with Future World, so it’s earlier than the rest of World Showcase. If you get in line IMMEDIATELY, you should be able to do these two things back to back and organize your Fast Pass to be the first of the day for the attraction. The Meer & Greet was lovely; the princesses spent time with our girls one-on-one (or one on three) and the details of the queue were stunning. These two pieces were a highlight of our trip!

Must Do Epcot Frozen Evert After
Must Do Epcot Meet and Greet Anna
Must Do Epcot Meet and Greet Elsa

Germany: Karamelle-Kuche

Ok, so this isn’t an attraction per se, but it’s one of my TOP treats in all of Disney World! Germany houses a caramel shop that connects to a German Christmas store. What an incredible combination! You can watch the making of real caramel, choose something delicious from the chilled glass case, and stroll into a wonderland of beautiful ornaments! We started collecting new ornaments for Caleigh when I was pregnant, but this time was especially fun because she picked out her own rather than us choosing for her.

Must Do Epcot Germany
Isn’t this a DREAM tree?!

France: Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie

Again, I’m cheating here a bit because this isn’t an attraction, but I can assure you this bakery is NOT to be missed! I also love the France pavilion. The fountains are lovely and it’s fun for kids to explore. This area is a bit more secluded and tucked away; it feels extra special in terms of how it’s landscaped.

Honorable Mention: United Kingdom

The tea gardens here are adorable and great for kids to wander. You can grab a cider from the outdoor bar and roam through the pathways. While it’s not a MUST DO, it’s definitely a peaceful way to spend time in this country!

Epcot with kiddos is absolutely doable and something I recommend. I love the cultural environment here and it’s sense of purpose. If you’d like more info on additional things to do here, The Dis has a wonderful article on how to spend your day!

What do you do with your babes on Epcot day? I’d love to know!



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