Momming in the Time of COVID: 03/24

Caleigh woke up at 2:00 complaining of an earache. With a low grade fever.

Commence nightmare sequence about bringing my 4 year old to the pediatrician during a time of a pandemic crisis.

Apparently, there’s such a thing as “telemedicine”, where you aren’t charged a copay and YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO GO TO THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE.

Using Caleigh’s medical history and symptoms, our pediatrician was able to diagnose her with an ear infection and call in the prescription all without seeing her.

It’s also Cal’s third ear infection in three months.


Momming Activities: Spring!

In better news, we had our second Facebook Live for Magically Made today! Caleigh and I started a Facebook Group under The Fairy Tale Family where we’ve going Live twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday, at 10:00am EST, to make crafts. Today, we continued with our rainbow work.

Momming: Rainbow

We got crafty with off brand Fruit Loops and a hot glue gun. While our Live family is small, it’s really fun to see what other kiddos make! We even shared our Walking Water experiment from yesterday afternoon.

Digital books are a new love for us, through Vooks & Scholastic Learn At Home. We center the whole day’s activities around them and Caleigh LOVES them and often asks to repeat pages. She’s asking thoughtful questions and figuring out how to use the technology (the arrows and buttons).

My genius moment today, as a mama, is figuring out that how I present activities to Caleigh will determine her interest level.

Her favorite thing?

Plastic Easter eggs, with Play Doh, and limited supplies with beads for decorating.

In Caleigh’s imagination, this became a cookie making station!

Momming: Cookies Station

I’ll absolutely be doing a blog post dedicated to just this activity in the future. It’s been successful two days in a row.

Luckily, we were able to sneak outside for a little while this afternoon to scoot around the neighborhood. It’s chilly, but the fresh air is needed for both of us.

I’ve been spending a few minutes at the end of the night putting together my craft baskets for the next day and I’ve found this to be incredibly helpful. I don’t have to make lunches or plan my own outfits, so it’s not taking any extra time at all!

I am concerned that I’ll run out of engaging ideas before this quarantine period is up…

I’d love to hear from you! What activities are you storing in your back pocket?

Until tomorrow!

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