DIY Moon Sand

Earlier in the week, I started a series here on the blog about what it was like to be a full time working mama, with a hustle, and a 4 year at home during the time of COVID-19.

We’re all feeling things. Anxiety, grief, gratitude, confusion & so many more. I’m documenting how I feel, what Caleigh and I doing during this staycation with the hopes that it can help another mom!

Ok, let’s talk activities.

I’ve been structuring our days around a theme. Last week’s themes were:

Monday: Rainbows!

Tuesday: Spring

Wednesday: Earth & Space

Thursday: Bunnies

Moon Sand: Bunnies

Friday: Animal Babies

I’ve shared this before, but here’s an outline of how our week days break down:

Moon Sand: Schedule

On Wednesday, for our Earth & Space theme, I decided that since we love Play Doh & Kinetic Sand SO much, it might be fun to make our own moon sand!

How To Make Moon Sand:

Moon sand is SUPER soft and is incredible easy to make!


  • Flour
  • Baby Oil
  • Food Coloring (optional)

If you’re going to use food coloring, this is done FIRST. Mix 1 cup of flour with a few drops of food coloring and mix to incorporate.

We skipped this step and went with the au natural color in order to make it seem like it came from the moon (duh).

We ended up making a triple batch of this: 3 cups of flour & 12 tablespoons of baby oil. The ratio is 1 cup flour: 4 tablespoons baby oil.

This smelled AMAZING!

We mixed it in the clear tote and Caleigh wanted to add “craters”, so we tossed in some pink sprinkles.

Because of how Caleigh wanted to play with her moon sand, we ended up laying down a blanket (#UMFforlive) and pouring the sand onto it. We grabbed some Play Doh toys, small bowls, and of course, her Disney Princess Little People (would make a great gift)!

Moon Sand DIY

I’m not a mama who loves messes, so this blanket technique was intended to trap some of the stray bits. Overall, it worked pretty well. This certainly isn’t a no mess activity, but it wasn’t hard to clean up & we were able to keep most of the moon sand for another day!

Moon Sand DIY
The princesses on a royal “crater”

I feel like this could be really cute as pretend “ice cream” for this summer & it would be awesome to play with outside!

Right now, the remainder of ours lives in a mason jar waiting to be played with another day.

Enjoy mamas!

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