Momming in the Time of COVID: 03/23/20

While I don’t want to overcommit myself right now (the biggest LOL), I want to keep a “living diary” of this time in the world because I don’t think/hope not to experience anything like it ever again.

I initially started to do this in a Google Doc, but felt like the initial point of this blog was to document our lives and experiences, so here we are!

Will I be publishing these?

Maybe. Maybe not.

This is my second week home from work since Sandwich Public Schools became “closed”. due to the outbreak of COVID-19; however, last week, I Caleigh’s daycare was open, so she was home 2 of the 5 days as preschool is also closed. We spent those two days like the extended weekend, without a schedule and with too much screen time.

Knowing that we were moving to full blown weeks together, I knew I’d need a plan. I thrive on a predictable routine and tend to become scattered when I have endless hours to myself. I am the embodiment of the saying, If you need something done, give it to a busy person. Without whatever is next, I will lounge around in my leggings successfully avoiding my responsibilities.

Sidebar: I have not worn anything but leggings for 10 days. I’m okay with it.


Momming: Daily Schedule

I’m also outlining “themes” for each day, so I can arrange our activities around them. On this Monday, the theme was rainbows!

Momming Activities: Rainbows

Using Vooks, Caleigh and I read books about colors and rainbows before moving into the morning craft, which was a STEM experiment! I’m not sure she understood the chemical reaction with baking soda & vinegar, but she did get the whole cause & effect (I drop this liquid onto this baking soda and coloring, and it fizzes).

We then did a kitchen rainbow scavenger hunt, finding fruits, veggies, and cheese to mimic the rainbow. Turns out that blue is a hard color to find in the kitchen (blueberries?), so we made her milk blue.

Momming: Rainbow Snack

While I was on my Google Hangouts with my 7th graders, Caleigh worked really hard on her letter A! She used PlayDoh to build an A, she traced it, and identified all the items on her worksheet that start with A. After her rest, we spent the rainy afternoon hunting the house for all the As we could find.

Momming: A

Monday was a success. Caleigh isn’t always willing to play independently, but she did such a great job of it today! Starting off the week strong!

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