Let’s start at the very beginning…

(a very good place to start)

When I was on maternity leave, I used some of that time to write a blog – The Nauti Baby – about being a brand-spankin’-new mom and its challenges and joys. Of course, there are literally thousands of blogs that do this very same thing. At the time, I think mine stood apart because it was raw and in real time. While it made my husband uncomfortable for me to be putting my woes about breastfeeding on the internet for all to see (likely drafting while I was pumping at 3:00 AM), it was a cathartic experience for me. When I returned to school, I took down the blog because I felt awkward about having those personal details available for anyone to find. It’s been almost three years since The Nauti Baby was launched and the regret about losing those posts because of their intimacy and truth still bothers me. So, here I am.

Here we are.

This second go at intimacy and truth starts now. I know I can’t repeat the past, but capturing that same essence is something I’m chasing. The purpose of this blog is to make connections, share stories, and have a living diary for Caleigh to come to. I wish my mom had kept a journal of her thoughts from my childhood. I’m certain raising three children while running a business and going to school was hellish, rewarding, and exhausting. It’s no wonder she didn’t document anything; she didn’t have the time! I have this luxury that she didn’t, so I plan to put it to some use.

Jay Gatsby.jpg
Oh Jay, this is the beginning of the end for you. 

It’s almost Caleigh’s 3rd birthday and in to celebrate that, I am going to be telling her story – how she came to be in our world, the good, the hard, and the U-G-L-Y.  If you’re interested in these details, stay tuned.

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