Holiday Gift Guide for Grandparents 2019

Gift Guide: Grandparents

Welcome to the Holiday Gift Guide for Grandparents! We are starting the season early over here at The Fairy Tale Family and we wanted to kick it off with our gift guides. If you tuned in for Blogmas 2018 (where I attempted to write a blog post for every single day of December – and I failed) then you will know that I LOVE CHOOSING GIFTS FOR PEOPLE. Seriously. It’s my actual love language.

I wanted to start with some of the most important people in our lives. My mother-in=law – Mammie – is with Caleigh at least twice a week and is the reason Cal can attend the best preschool in town. If Tricia didn’t do drop off, pick up, and after care for us (all for 100% free by the way), we wouldn’t be able to send Caleigh to the school of our choosing. My mom- Mimi – is my go to bedtime helper. Whenever Marc and I have long meetings in the evenings, Mimi comes to our rescue! As for the male counterparts, they are teaching her how to operate boat, dig for worms, and love the outdoors. We’re pretty lucky to have two incredible sets of influences for our girl!

To honor them at this magical time of year, here are some suggestions for gifts they’ll love! (For the cheatsheets, click here!)

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Grandparents

1. Neveo Family Photo Journal

Gift Guide for Grandparents: Neveo


Preview of what your photo journal will look like

Neveo is THE ULTIMATE photo gift for grandparents! Unlike a digital frame or something they have to actually do, this comes in the mail every month and YOU curate the images on the pages! This is an app for iTunes and Google Play and allows you to upload photos on a monthly basis and then automatically gets printed and mailed on the last day of the month. Genius, right?! Use our code THEFAIRYTALEFAMILY to try this for a free month! 

2. Ancestry DNA Kit

Gift Guide for Grandparents: DNA

We bought my Dad a 23 and me kit last year for Christmas when they went on sale (which they currently are!). My dad is a HARD person to buy for. He likes so few things and to me, the things he loves are SNOOZE FST BORING. How many Bass Pro giftcards does one man need?! So, we opted to do an ancestry test. He recently got his results and they were pretty cool to look at. I know there are wild conspiracy theories about these types of tests, but ultimately, he wants to trace his roots as far back as he can. This gift allowed him to do just that!

3. Art Frames

Gift Guide for Grandparents: Art

I actually really want these for our house, too! I found these on Amazon and I was really surprised by how affordable they are. These have hinges on the side and open like a book so you can easily change out the art your beautiful children make. Is it just me or is anyone else drowning in preschool art?!

4. Beach Chair

Gift Guide for Grandparents: Beach Chair

So this make not work for you if the grandparents in your life don’t live near the beach, but we live on Cape Cod, so a much appreciated gift is a lovely, locally sourced beach chair. For Mother’s Day, we bought my mom a Cape Cod Beach Chair engraved with her name and in a gorgeous yellow! They are easy to get in and out of and make a statement gift. These would be also be fantastic on a deck or porch!

5. Tickets for an Experience

A clutterless gift with lots of heart and soul? Tickets to something. Maybe this is for the couple of grandparents, maybe it’s a night out for them, or it could even be something for them to DO with your little. The idea here is to present a date and time that they are to do something with all the details planned out. You can wrap the tickets or a little trinket that connects to the tickets in some way. Subscription services are wonderful for this idea, too!

6. A Family Tree Ring

Gift Guide for Grandparents: Tree Ring


So personalized and beautiful!

This one kind of blows my mind. This is your family tree ON a tree. It’s so incredibly personalized that it automatically becomes a family keepsake and heirloom forever. It’s reasonably priced AND you can get this in a matching ornament for your Christmas tree! This is EVERYTHING my dad loves. It’s definitely on my list for him this holiday season!

7. Indoor Herb Containers

Gift Guide for Grandparents: Herbs

I feel like a cheery kitchen is one that includes some kind of greenery. For me, herbs are the easiest and most manageable. Wouldn’t this be a cute gift paired with herb seeds that your littles can actually plant with their grandparent?

8. Slippers (or anything cozy!)

Gift Guide for Grandparents: Slippers

I stand by my belief that slippers, cozy socks, bathrobes, and pajamas are NOT generic, especially if you purchase high quality options like these study fluffsters from LL Bean. While he’s not a grandparent, I did purchase these for Marc in a different pattern two Christmases past and he still wears them (my sister bought him a matching monogrammed robe that year, too!). There are gender neutral options as well.

Ok, friends. There you have it. Eight options for the grandparents in your life. Personally, I will be using this list in 2019 (hint hint Craig & Goulart grandparents!) to shop from. I hope you found this useful! If you decide to purchase anything because I’ve inspired you, please share it in the comments below!

Happy shopping,


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