Goal Setting 101: How I Set My Goals for 2020!

I LOVE a fresh start and a new year! As a Type A, list-making, goal-driven person, a new DECADE feels like the perfect opportunity to turn my dreams into reality. If not now, when?!

Today, I wanted to share with you the procedure I use to goal set (last year, I shared my 2019 goals with you, but didn’t explain how I make them!). I used to just think about a bulleted “to do” list for each year and sometimes I would build a vision board, but it was never concrete enough for me. I need a PLAN with intention! Let’s get started!

If you’re looking to do this along with me, here’s what you’ll need:

  • something to write with
  • a journal of any kind
  • your 2019 calendar 

1. Calendar Auditing for Goal Setting

In my journal, I make 3 lists:

  1. Want More Of
  2. Necessary
  3. Waste of Time

I use Google Calendars and I scroll through each month and place EVERY SINGLE APPOINTMENT I had into one of these three categories. Now, this takes some time. It also means that I am purposefully using Google Calendar throughout the year so I can make sure I have something to audit! For category #1, these are things that make my life feel rich, whole, and enjoyable. A few highlights from 2019 were spa treatments, watching Caleigh try new sports, vacation time, and growing The Fairy Tale Family. Necessary appointments are medical, school-related, or tasks that I have to do to get me to a greater goal. Lastly, #3 are the things I wish I hadn’t signed up for that take time away from people I love or wasted my resources (read: MONEY!) in some capacity. 

Goal Setting Example

2. Reflect for Goal Setting

Ok, now that you’ve done the hard work of auditing your time, it’s time to reflect. Some of my observations were quite shocking! I noticed that in the category of Waste of Time, two of my obligations were repeats. I never connected this because the time commitments were often spread apart, but in chunking my time on paper, I can SEE that these are the things I like doing least and connect them. So for 2020? I WILL NOT BE PARTICIPATING IN THESE COMMITTEES ANY LONGER. I’m going to finish out my time out of respect for them, but then I can gaining my time back for the remainder of the year!

I can also see what I need to add. Date nights with Marc are on my list of things I want more of, but when I counted up our nights out, I was surprised to see how few there were! This means that as a goal, I want to BEAT that number in 2020!

3. Book Your Mores

Circle or highlight the “mores” that you want in 2020. I mean it. Do it right now. Mine include:

  • Vacation time
  • Dates with Marc
  • Spa treatments

It’s time to actually BOOK what you want more of INTO YOUR CALENDAR. Sister, you need to call this shot to make it happen! I know it seems presumptuous to do it this early in the year (and without the financial planning), but it’s time to build the life you want. Do you need to do this for January or February? No. But, can you swing a massage for June? A weekend away in November? YES. YES YOU CAN. Be intentional about how you plan for this, including financially! Don’t wait to live the life you want to live. CHOOSE IT NOW. Create the calendar you want to have for this new year and new decade!

4. Build a Visual for Goal Setting

I’m not an artist, but I need a visual to help me build my visions, personally and professionally, in order to bring them to life. I simply searched up “Vision Board” in Pinterest and found 1,000 ways to cast my vision. Because I prefer lists and doodles, I work in a journal, BUT I also need to see a reminder of this EVERY SINGLE DAY. I use very basic construction paper, glue sticks, and printouts for the internet and magazines.

This year, I’ll be doing this on January 1st with Caleigh. Rachel Hollis does this with her kiddos, too! Even though she’s only 4, I want her to see that if she wants something, she has to work toward it with regular reminders. I’ll be sure to document on Instagram (likely in Stories), so follow along!

5. Know What You’re Aiming At for Goal Setting

Goals are built by backward design. What is the END result you want to see?

You need to claim this and then work back step by step until you have a map to use. Goals aren’t whimsical, they have a road to get there and YOU get to build it!

Remember, be selective about your goals. You can work toward ONE THING really well at a time, so be picky!

I hope this is helpful advice, friends. I am SO DARN EXCITED for the new year and to chase down some of my biggest dreams yet!

What is one of your resolutions for 2020? Leave it in the comments below! 

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