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As Bustle has confirmed, the fictional hero’s -and queen of Galentine’s Day – Leslie Knope – holiday has entered into our real world celebrations. If you’ve been living under a rock, Leslie Knope is the bubbly, energetic protagonist of NBC’s Parks & Rec which is now available on Netflix. GO. BINGE. NOW.

Anyway, Ms. Knope decided that Valentine’s Day was intended for EVERYONE you love and Galentine’s Day was formally born!

I’ve been celebrating my girlfriends in February since high school, way back in the early 2000s. I have a memory of being by the cafeteria stair lockers and my BFF giving me a red construction paper heart with a printed image of my celebrity crush, shirtless (it was David Boreanaz from Buffy the Vampire Slayer). I can’t remember what the Valentine said, but I know it was funny and sweet. A perfect Galentine’s example.

It was this exact photo. Good lord, I loved him.

Because we’re no longer in high school, my besties live in places where it isn’t so easy to go out for a drink or date together. Of course we’ll text and send each other photos of our kiddos, but as you know from my Blogmas posts, gift giving is my love language and it’s something I truly do look forward to. So, this year I am going to use Greetabl.

Note: this is NOT an ad and it’s a service I’ve used before!

Made for Galentine’s Day:

Greetabl is able to create small, thoughtful, personalized gifts for the women in your life. The idea here is that you pick the box paper, the gift inside, and the photos to use and they send this little box of joy to whoever you choose.

Personally, the box is my favorite part. The options they have are playful, themed, or sophisticated for whatever vibe you’re going for. I am VERY into the striped pattern! It feels very Nantucket a la August.

Recently, I sent my amazing friend Britni her birthday present through Greetabl. After I chose her box design, I was directed to the items that would fill this beautiful packaging: a rose bath melt and salted chocolate. Be careful – this part is time consuming because it’s so fun to pick! You can opt in at a variety of price points because some items are more expensive than others. They have bonus items to go inside at checkout, too. Lastly, you type up your greeting and, if you want, add photos to the inside of the box. They tear off into neat squares perfect for a small frame or for the fridge!

Because of the ease and personality of this service, I will definitely be using it for Galentine’s Day and here’s a bonus! If you subscribe HERE you will be sent a link for 15% your purchase with Greetable! Be sure to check your inbox for the code!

If you prefer to simply subscribe without a Greetabl option, scroll on back to the top right. I’d LOVE to have you as part of our growing community.

Happy Valentine’s Day, ladies. You deserve the world.

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