Face Mask Friday: Boscia Review

For our first ever Face Mask Friday, we are all about Boscia face masks!

In my Instagram post where I laid out my mask collection, I noticed I had two from boscia.

Full disclosure: so many of the products in that photo have been given to me by family or friends. I purchased some with a Sephora gift card. Y’all, I’m a teacher. My salary doesn’t support my Sephora addiction, but my family does through holidays (and birthdays) with gift cards! 


I actually scored the boscia Luminizing Pink Charcoal Mask at TJ Maxx this summer. It is currently at Sephora and retails for $34, but I paid $18.

boscia face mask: pink

Skincare is hit or miss at retailers outside of where a product line is originally sold, but I find excellent brands at my local TJs! This face product is said to, “… reveal a detoxified, bright and healthy complexion. Rich with powerful antioxidants, this mask helps minimize the appearance of pores, and purify skin of oil and impurities for instant luminous, selfie-ready results”.

I bought it without research or reading reviews. Typically, that is absolutely NOT my shopping technique. When I know I’m laying out cash or gift cards for a product, I watch videos, stalk reviews, and even get samples before I commit. Because this particular mask was discounted and a came from a reputable brand, I made sure to snatch it up, consequences de damned! Can’t you see just how edgy and rebellious I am? 


I’ve been using this since August, but not consistently until the past three weeks or so. Once I decided that I wanted to review these products, I started to be more intentional about when I applied and how effective they are. 

This mask is something I go to when I’m looking for an in-between. Most of what I own is a bit more aggressive for my sensitive skin. I have rosacea, so I’m careful with what I put on my face. boscia’s Pink doesn’t agitate me, so on nights when I’m between retinol and say Drunk Elephant’s Baby Facial, this is perfect. 

While this doesn’t have an effect on how well the mask works, I will add that it’s fun to use. It’s BRIGHT pink when it’s on your face and you peel it off. I don’t have anything else like this in my collection! It really does come off easily and without a mess. I don’t have to ruin any of my towels to scrub it off my face. I will say that this should not go anywhere near your eyebrows or hairline – I’ve made that mistake and it’s painful. Steer clear of baby hairs! 

boscia Face Mask #2:

The boscia Sake Brightening Hydrogel Mask ($8), now renamed the Bio-Cellulose Mask, did not fair as well as the Pink. I’m not traditionally a fan of the sheet mask trend. I find them somewhat wasteful and I don’t want something for one shot usage. I like to see how a product works over time, not just in one application, ya know? Anyway, this mask left my face STICKY. The instructions said to push the remaining product into the skin after the mask is removed. There wasn’t a huge remnant left over but my face felt sticky for hours until I finally had to wash it off. I don’t mind a little stick, but this felt like I smoothed lipgloss on my cheeks. My hair was getting stuck in it and my daughter wouldn’t kiss me goodnight because of my shiny skin.

boscia face masks: hydrogel


Like every picky consumer, I’m looking to see if what I’m paying is worth the result. For the Pink, I’m happy to continue using this until it’s gone. Will I repurchase? Perhaps, but not full price. Unless I see more intense results in the future, this is likely a mask I’ll use until it’s gone partially because it’s fun. I will NOT be repurchasing the Sake Brightening sheet mask option, nor would I recommend it. My skin is dry and if it didn’t soak up all of the product for this, I’m not sure it’ll work for any skin type. 

Up next: eye creams! 

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