Face Mask Friday: Eye Cream

It’s Face Mask Friday Review #2. (You can find #1 here!) Class is in session, y’all and we’re being schooled in eye cream. I know, these are not technically “face masks” but they qualify because:

  1. They are equally expensive
  2. They go on your dang face

I neglected my under eyes for too long. I should have been basking in their nude tone and dewiness, but I took it all for granted. Now, in my mid 30s and as a mom, I yearn for the days of supple under eyes. So what does this mean?

That I’ll pay whatever it takes to make me look less grim reaper-y and more J Lo fresh.

That’s what I’m after: removing blue coloring and smoothing out my crepes.

Eye Cream Product #1

Eye Cream: Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley’s Auto Correct Brightening and Depuffing Eye Cream. These 0.5 ounces retails for $65. YES. You read that right – $65!

The claims for this are that it instantly delivers a lifted and depuffed look to the eye area while rapidly reducing the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. The saleswoman at Sephora told me that it’s supposed to reduce darkness over time because of the chestnut properties. It was an “investment” in my long term beauty routine.

She lied.

I used this in small quantities morning and night before all of my other skin care. Am I seeing $ results? No. For this price, it should apply itself and massage my temples. When a product is this pricey, I do hold it to higher standards.

This did not meet my standards.

Maybe it’s me. Maybe my eye flaps are beyond repair. But after using the WHOLE 0.5 ounces, routinely and with a jade roller to really sink this into my skin, I’m not seeing less blue tinting.

Eye Cream Product #2:

Eye Cream: Pharmacy

I received Farmacy’s Dew It All Total Eye Cream in my winter FabFitFun box.

(If you haven’t read why you need this and how you can get it with a discount, click here! I share what’s in my spring box and how to purchase!)

It’s also 0.5 ounces and retails for $38. So, it’s not drugstore price either. Because it came in my FabFitFun, I only paid $50 for everything, including this cream.

Farmacy is known for naturally derived ingredients. Their line is also free of formaldehyde and artificial coloring and is not tested on animals. This product is supposed to be a moisturizing eye cream to treat the total eye zone and help minimize signs of aging, stress, and fatigue.

I’ve been using this for 4 weeks, since my Sunday Riley ran out. And I have noticed a difference in how my makeup applies over it. It feels lighter than the Sunday Riley cream, too, which I like.

I’m continuing to use this twice daily, in sparing quantities. While I don’t notice the darkness dissipating, I can see a little more firmness where creasing was happening at the corners of my eyes.

I know this is irrelevant to the product, but I also love the color! This little joy helps to remind me to USE this product. Consistency is key here!


Both of these products are expensive. Good skin care often is. If you’re going to dole out cash for an eye cream, make sure it’s worth it! I would recommend Farmacy’s Eye Dew over Sunday Riley regardless of price. I’m seeing slow, but sure, results.

Eye De-Puffing Note:

In addition to a cream, I’ve added dr. brandt’s needles no more No More Baggage Eye Gel ($42). This came in my spring FabFitFun and it WORKS. This is something I only use in the morning over my eye cream. Admittedly, it stings a tiny bit but I can deal with that as I visibly watch my skin tighten.

I’ve also added a jade roller. Again, FabFitFun for the win!

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