Bringing the Magic of Home: Disney Pumpkin Decorating!

Disney Pumpkins

I love the fall. The changing colors of the leaves on the trees, the crisp autumnal air, sweaters and boots, fall home decor, apple cider – be still my pumpkin spice lovin’ heart! I’m 100% that basic witch, friends, and I EMBRACE it. Because of my love for all things seasonal, I want my home to correspond. And in this spooky season, that means PUMPKINS. Disney pumpkin decorating to be precise. 

UPDATE: I’m adding our 2020 version of Disney Pumpkin decorating here! We went a little simpler this year since Merida as a pumpkin takes artistic vision beyond my capacity…

Our Past Disney Pumpkins:

Since the purchase of our first home in 2010, Marc and I have always carved themed pumpkins, usually based on our costumes. Excuse the flip phone quality – here are our FIRST ever carved Disney pumpkins:

Nightmare Before Christmas Disney Pumpkins
Nightmare Before Christmas Disney Pumpkins

Let’s compare those to our Disney Pumpkins from last Halloween:

Beauty and the Beast Disney Pumpkins
Beauty and the Beast Disney Pumpkins

Y’all, we take our Disney pumpkin carving pretty seriously.

And full disclosure? I am TERRIBLE at pumpkin carving. I need to follow a pattern and I still often need to be creative with how I doctor my carvings! I really love to scoop pumpkins out – I know some people HATE this part – but it’s my favorite!

Disney Pumpkin Decorating & Crafts

Because of my carving ineptitude, I am trying something new this year and I wanted to share it with you since it was a (partially) friendly toddler activity.

We are doing The Little Mermaid for Halloween this year, so naturally, our pumpkin had to match the theme (Disney pumpkin game strong!).

The Little Mermaid Disney Pumpkin
Ariel Disney Pumpkin

Ariel Pumpkin How To:

  • Disney Pumpkin Picking

We picked pumpkins on the smaller side for this project. You could also use craft pumpkins so that way it’ll last forever!

Gather your supplies!

  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Modge Podge or crafting glue
  • Flesh colored paint
  • Purple paint (anything but matte!)
  • Turquoise paint
  • Painter’s tape
  • Purple ribbon
  • Two seashells
  • Paint brushes
  • Different color green and blue glitters

We had most of these supplies in our crafting closet, but EVERYTHING else came from Walmart. Overall, this cost us less than $20 including the pumpkins.

Step #1:

Set up your space! We laid out white craft paper underneath on our dining room table so Caleigh could craft with us. I found this paint to be super easy to wash out of everything and off our hands!

Step #2:

This is where you can get your kiddos involved. Paint your pumpkin with the flesh colored paint:

Disney Pumpkin Painting

In retrospect, I would have used the painter’s tape FIRST and just painted the top half. Use this tip! Also, make sure your pumpkin is 100% DRY. Paint the stem too!

Step #3:

While the first layer of paint dries, paint your seashells with the purple color.

Disney Pumpkin Shell Painting

So much of this process was waiting for layers to dry, so give yourself some time!

Step #4:

This is where I added the painter’s tape around the center of my pumpkin and painted the bottom part with the turquoise paint. Caleigh helped me do this as well, but she was getting slightly bored with the waiting in between (and I can’t say I blame her!).

Step #5:

After the bottom layer dries, this where the fun begins! Keep the painter’s tape ON and start brushing on your craft glue or Modge Podge. As this is wet, you add the glitter. I mixed mine in a small bowl before adding to the pumpkin. I like the dimension of using multiple colors, but this is totally up to you! I rolled the wet glue into the glitter. So fun and so pretty!

Step #6:

This is when you can add the purple ribbon using your hot glue gun. We hot glued the shells on during these final steps as well.

This is the first draft. I went back to tidy up the painter’s tape line and add more glitter to “lumpier” spots.

I also made another run to The Dollar Store and bought a red holiday faux flower. I pulled off the leaves to add them to the stem with my hot glue gun for Ariel’s hair and a pop of color!

Now it’s your turn! I’d love to see what you create!

Want to be a part of the magic? Follow along: