Disney+: What To Watch for Preschoolers

We subscribed to Disney+ the day it was available. Yes, we were the family long awaiting this streaming service (shocking, I know).

Since its arrival, we actually cut ties with cable and now only have multiple streaming options, including Disney+ & Hulu. I can confidently say we do NOT miss cable or the huge bill!

Because we’re all at home, with our kiddos for an unprecedented amount of time, I thought I’d share what we watch on Disney+.

During the week, we have a schedule so we’re not watching too much screen time, but we do build in time to relax before her bath at bedtime. Caleigh is 4 and is quite skittish with things that could be perceived as “scary” in shows. She’s had bad dreams about the “evil witch” from Snow White, despite NEVER HAVING SEEN THE MOVIE. She remembers things. We’re pretty careful when introducing new material to her.

I’m also a control freak, so I patrol what she watches. If I don’t like it, she doesn’t get to watch it. This is true for all platforms, including Netflix.

Disney+ TV Shows We Love:

  1. Bluey
Disney+ TV Show

Despite the silly name of this show, Bluey is adorable & hilarious! Bluey and her family are Australian cattle dogs living in, you guessed it, Australia. Bluey has a little sister named Bingo (who is 4) and they come up with some pretty fantastic games that we end up playing here at home (shadowlands is a fave!).

What I really like about Bluey, besides the father character, is the honesty. It’s a direct show that speaks to both children and parents. It’s something we really enjoy watching together and offers the chance for us to have conversations about things we might not talk about.

And the accents are great!

2. Forky Asks a Question

Disney+ TV Shows

These are shorter videos, about 6 minutes each, and they are hysterical. The voicing of Tony Hale NAILS Forky and somehow, the topics they cover are both relatable, but deep. I also use these as content when I’m trying to teach Caleigh a concept. When we studied counting using her toy cash register, we watched What Is Money? There are also social emotional concepts like love & friendship in these tiny shows. I laugh out loud EVERY single episode.

3. Muppet Babies

Disney+ TV Shows

I know this was done on purpose, but recreating a show that I loved when I was little automatically pulled at my heart strings and made me want to watch it with Caleigh. I was NOT disappointed!

I love the adventures these little rascals get into. I really wish there was more than 1 season of this! I feel like we’ve watched them 3 times over. We even bought Cal a little buddy of her favorite character!

Disney+ Family Friendly Movies We Love

Here are some of the movies we’ve been watching together:

  1. Frozen II: personally, I think we watch this more for ME than Caleigh! I LOVE the music and colors of this film! I don’t think I’ll ever tire of Elsa’s journeys.
  2. Onward: We JUST watched this last night (Caleigh & Marc saw it in theaters, I didn’t) and it was so much more than I thought it would be. The stories of magic, family, and brotherhood are beautiful.
  3. Mary Poppins: Caleigh loves the original Mary Poppins! We’ve tried to get her into the newer version and she keeps refusing. I happen to LOVE Mary Poppins Returns so I’m sure we’ll be able to convince her soon to watch it!
  4. The Little Mermaid LIVE: We watched this SO many times when it was on our DVR right after it aired. Cal was thrilled to find it on Disney+! She loves the music from the “real kids” too. (Any movie that has actual humans in it is the “Real Kids” version).
  5. Brave: I was nervous to watch this one with her because there are dark “scary” scenes in it (um, her mom turns into a bear!), but we watched it together and I was able to explain what was happening with the witch and Merida. She loves Merida and the music! She’s asked for her own bow & arrow set
  6. The Muppet Movie: I forgot how much I loved this movie! It’s funny, has great music, and introduces muppet characters (also a “Read Kids” edition).

Disney has been uploading new content like crazy lately and I can’t wait to watch some of the newer offerings! What do you and your family like to watch on Disney+?

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