Magic Kingdom Calm Spots: 3 Places Every Parent Needs to Know for Sensory Breaks

It’s the night before the vacation you’ve been waiting for. You’ve paid for your Disney Parks Resort, tickets into the park, and a dining plan and you are fired up for a magical time in Walt Disney World! You’ve got your itineraries, boarding passes, and Magical Express tickets downloaded and you sleep with your Magic Band on. So what’s keeping you awake beyond excitement?

Your children.

Of course it’s your children! Are you a Disney parent if you don’t worry that your children will have epic public meltdowns?


It’s fine. I’m fine. We’re all fine.

Is there a fool-proof preventative method? No (or not one that I’ve found), BUT there is good news! We’ve identified three Magic Kingdom Calm Spots for you to head when you feel that familiar overload coming on… 

Magic Kingdom Calm Spots

Traveling to Disney is a TON of planning (which I happen to really love, but not everyone feels the same). If you are looking for a FREE Magic Kingdom Must Do list for toddlers, check out our guide here! We also wrote a blog post that is a bit more thorough than the freebie if you’re looking to do more research.  


I know how much time you’re putting in making sure you’re trip is perfect. Girl, I get it. But the reality is that your children won’t miraculously feel the Mickey spirit and decide not to:

  • tantrum
  • argue with you or each other 
  • scream
  • lash out 
  • bite a Cast Member (I’m joking, but I do know that this does happen!)

So let’s put in place some strategies and locations to help ease the worry for when this may happen. Ok? 

Magic Kingdom Calm Spot #1

Town Square’s Park Bench 

Magic Kingdom Calm Spot 1

This is directly after the entrance where the Walt Disney World Railroad is. I would also recommend riding the train when it is operating (as of October 2019, it’s simply a lovely place to relax and take photos of your children). We’ve visited this park bench area every trip and despite the attendance in Magic Kingdom, it’s rarely crowded. This is a cool (in the shade) spot where you can view the majesty of Main Street, U.S.A, listen to the music, and allow your child a moment to breathe or rest.  

Magic Kingdom Calm Spot #2

The People Mover

Magic Kingdom Calm Spot #2

Look at her sweet red face! We were there in February and she was still hot during our days. The People Mover, much like a train, is a slow moving “tour” around Magic Kingdom with gentle narration. Many guests with children skip this because it’s not new or exhilarating. This is EXACTLY why your child needs it! There is rarely a line as it is in constant motion and it provides a much needed sensory break for your littles. 

Magic Kingdom Calm Spot #3

Plaza Garden East Walkway

When I’m traveling alone or have the opportunity to be by myself, I prefer the park benches as close to Cinderella Castle as I can get, BUT with a toddler who needs a break, I think the fountain here adds a soothing touch. The view is gorgeous, the sounds are quiet but engaging, and you are off the beaten path enough that you can regroup with your little. We’ve also used the mini statues (you can see Pinnochio here) as a distraction (how many can you find? which ones do you know?). 

Extra Magical Tips & Tricks

Like I said, this isn’t the place to skimp on planning and preparation. Use Amazon Prime Now to have snacks delivered to your Disney Resort and make sure to bring them into the parks with you! Stay hydrated, pack a sticker book with crayons, and have a host of games to do in queues while you wait. Be sure to maximize your FastPasses+ so you can spend more time doing what you like rather than holding off a tantrum while you’re in line. 

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