Booking a Walt Disney World Resort Moderate Edition

Photo by Dominik Scythe on Unsplash

Welcome back to Booking Disney World! In the first post of this series, I shared information on Disney’s Value options. Today, we move into the next category of Walt Disney World Resorts: Moderates. You’re going to get a little more choice and in most cases, a lot closer to the actual parks.

Moderate Disney Resorts:

  • Caribbean Beach Resort
  • Coronado Springs Resort
  • Port Orleans French Quarter
  • Port Orleans Riverside
  • Fort Wilderness Campground
  • Fort Wilderness Cabins

Moderate Resorts split the difference between Value and Deluxe. I have stayed at Caribbean Beach, Port Orleans French Quarter, and my family stays at Fort Wilderness in the cabins. The theming with Moderate resorts tends to be more intricate and less character driven.

For example, Fort Wilderness, a massive resort complex on 750 acres. Now, when I hear “campground” I tend to run in the opposite direction. When I vacation, I want amenities. While Disney offers you and your family the opportunity to actually camp (tent, tent trailers, or RV), the cabins here are gorgeous. They run much larger than a traditional room because unlike a traditional room, they are freestanding and can accommodate up to 6 people! What feels Wilderness-like are the details. You can rent bikes and take a ride through a forest that will surprise even the biggest skeptic. There are horse-drawn carriages, trails, and even golf carts to rent! While the expanse of this resort is exceptional, it’s peaceful and serene – unlike some of the bus lines at a Value.


  • Size: these resorts, despite acreage, are more intimate which means less waiting in line at busses and quieter nights.
  • Larger room options: you can bring more people with you! This may mean it works out to be the cost of a value resort, depending on how you split the total.
  • Theming: these details matter to me.One of the reasons I love WDW so if because of the attention to detail.
  • Location to parks: you have options as to how you want to travel to some of the parks. Boating becomes a choice rather than JUST the bus system! This is a HUGE perk in my opinion.
  • On site dining: rather than simple counter service, you have either upgraded/themed counter service OR a family restaurant on site. This makes booking dining a bit more convenient
  • Extra magic hours in the parks!


  • Pricing: moderates are more expensive than value resorts. Money matters when you’re spreading your budget out for a week!
  • Busses: while you have additional options, busses are still the primary source of transportation

My Recommendation:

Port Orleans French Quarter is one of my absolute favorite resorts on property and not just in the Moderate category. Marc and I stayed here last spring for my birthday weekend and I fell in love. I’m not sure this is where I’d choose to stay with a toddler, but it was perfect for a romantic getaway. French Quarter is the smallest resort I’ve stayed at and it felt it. Quaint, quiet, and gorgeously themed, FQ combines the tangible energy of Mardis Gras with the charm of down-home New Orleans.

Two categories down, one to go! Deluxe options are up next. Stay tuned!

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