Blogmas Day 7: Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

Today marks a special milestone in your life. Turning 60 is something to be celebrated! There is a normalcy in taking each year for granted, but based on this past year, I know that’s something we won’t ever do again.


In an effort to be honest and live in this moment, I need to thank you. Publicly. I cannot fathom more appropriate words to say. I wish they held more power and gravitas. I know we haven’t always had the easiest relationship and I don’t tell you this enough. I am thankful for the gift you are, not only as our mom, but also as a friend. While I’m not going to put your story here for all to read, you need to know that your life is inspirational. Throughout my childhood, you ran a business, put yourself through college, raised three children, and conquered your demons. You showed us what perseverance looked like and how to chase what we wanted. I will never forget the day you were hired for your first teaching job. I’d never seen that kind of giddiness in an adult before. Fast forward to my adulthood when I was first hired as a teacher; I could only then finally understand what you were feeling.


Since then, you’ve gone on to earn the highest degree that exists. Dr. Debbie. Dr. Mom. Dr. Mimi. You worked for this because it was something you wanted not needed. This gives those in your life permission to do the same – to pursue what we want and sets our hearts on fire. This is especially important for our babies, your grandgirls. They will be raised in our family to know that they are empowered to go after whatever they love.


Thank you for your silly dance moves. Thank you for Lemon Tree. Thank you for your homemade spaghetti sauce on my birthday every year. Thank you for the Easter basket scavenger hunts. Thank you for always singing in the car. Thank you for back to school shopping every year, even though I never needed new clothes. Thank you for coaching me. Thank you for showing up in Rockland on a day I needed you without you even knowing. Thank you for laughing with me so hard you pee a little. Thank you for making the house smell like cookies on Christmas Eve Day. Thank you for loving our girls so fiercely.

Happy birthday, mama. I love you. You deserve the world.


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2 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 7: Dear Mom

  1. OMG Chach. This is so moving. Thank you so much for those beautiful words. Being a mom (and now a mimi) are my biggest accomplishments. I couldn’t love my family more.

  2. I’ve known your Mom many, many years. She gave me the gift of friendship during our crazy teenage years and beyond. She is amazing and wonderful and I hope her birthday was as fabulous as she is!
    Happy Birthday, Deb!

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