Blogmas Day 6: Romantic Christmas Dates

Since we’re approaching the weekend, I thought today’s Blogmas should be about quality time with your person. Life is busy. We are overwhelmed, goal-oriented, work-driven humans who often don’t stop or even pause frequently enough to appreciate the people in our days. The holidays are a time to just that – pause and breathe. It’s something I look forward to every year.

Before Marc and I had Caleigh, we did fabulous things. We dined at high quality, dimly lit restaurants at all hours of the night. We went to the movies – and I mean we traveled to the good theaters far away – and shopped whenever we wanted to. We vacationed more often. We slept in and stayed up late.

Then, we had a baby and Jerzdays became a night of excitement.

While I love staying in with my glowing Christmas tree and pajamas, we need to be just the two of us sometimes as real adults in the world. It’s healthy for our marriage and our daughter.

A few years ago, Marc and I did 12 Dates of Christmas. We swapped off and each day presented the other person with either a festive thing or event. One of my favorites was a kissing ball. Marc hung it in the front yard on our shepherd’s hook and took me out to see it, but he made me close my eyes until he could present it to me. It’s one of the most romantic things he’s ever done. He knew that I’d always wanted one because they look so elegant and whimsical at the same time.

So, I suppose that’s Date Idea #1. It was kind of an undertaking planning 6 days/dates of festivity, but it did make us slow down, spend time together, and appreciate each other.

As you know from previous posts, I think Christmas lights are magical which brings us to Date Idea #2:

  • Either make hot cocoa at home or go to a local coffee shop to purchase. In the car, put on your romantic holiday playlist (Spotify has premade options!), and drive around looking for the most breathtaking lights. You could make this a game too! Hold hands. Sing together.
  • The other take on this option is walking. If you live near an area that allows you to stroll slowly through lights, this can’t be beat.

Date Idea #3 involves more planning and is totally out of Marc’s gift playbook (but since I’m writing it down, do I get the credit?).

  • Create a scavenger hunt with the end result being a gift. This could be done around the house (including romantic clues) or even bigger in the town/store/yard/park. The gift doesn’t have to be complex because the point is to connect through the clues. Use memories and special parts of your relationship. PLUS if you do this at home, you can be in jammies!

Date Idea #4 has two iterations:

  • Bake together at home – maybe gingerbread people or houses? Marc and I used to have a competition and he won every year. His gingerbread houses are elaborate. He once replicated our old Victorian home, down to the front door. I can barely get mine to stand up.
    • Ingredients:
      • Holiday music or even a movie in the background
      • Matching aprons
      • Sprinkles and icing
  • Take a cooking class! If you have access to and can afford a cooking class, I would highly recommend one. It’s interactive, fun, and you often get to eat what you make!

Date Idea #5 is something you’re already doing anyway, so why not do it together?

  • Shopping! You are buying gifts for people in your life; spend time and do it together. I love to window shop with Marc (I’m not sure he feels the same way…) especially at home stores. I prefer outdoor shopping experiences rather than a mall, so local small business shopping would be my suggestion. Talk about who you’re buying gifts for and why you’re choosing what you are.

Other options:

  • Sleigh ride
  • Ice skating
  • Hot cocoa & pj party (movie viewing!)
  • Taking a Christmas photo for a card or with Santa
  • Buying a new ornament together
  • Fancy dinner (this is something we do annually)
  • Writing each other Christmas notes for stockings

Of course, there are so many other ideas and I would encourage you to make a date night as often as you can. We’re working on this and it’s one of my goals for 2019. If you have any ideas, share them! Remember, this doesn’t have to be expensive. The goal is to slow down and spend time with your person. Happy kissing under the mistletoe!



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