Blogmas Day 5: Gift Ideas For Her

Do you have a lady in your life that you’d like to buy for? Is she discerning (read: picky)? A little bougie?


You’ve come to the right place.

As mentioned in Blogmas Day 4 (Part II): 12 Seasonal Favorites, my absolute favorite part of December days are gift buying and gift giving (and don’t forget the wrapping!). I don’t feel like an expert in many capacities, but I boldly state that I am and expert gift giver. This is being said also knowing that I am on a teacher’s salary and often, I can’t give what I want due to financial restrictions. So, I’m creative given what I’m working with.

Today, I’m going to give you some ideas for whoever this amazing woman is. I’m also going to give you price ranges.

Disclaimer: These ideas are based on preferences of my own and the women in my life who I know and love.

Love on a Budget:

A sentimental gift always show thought. You’ve remembered a moment, a quote, or thought about your person enough to know what speaks to them.

For under $15, you can present her with a beautiful floating frame with something written inside. This could be a printed poem, song lyrics (wedding song perhaps?), or even a handwritten note.

I also love the idea of putting a past memento in here. For example, I have the letter my Papa wrote to my Nana where he asks her to marry him. It’s his handwriting and so incredibly sweet. Putting this letter into a frame and wrapping it beautifully would make my heart so happy.

You could be the person who writes or types this, but Etsy is another option if you have the budget for it. Putting whatever you want to say into gorgeous font? A lovely gift indeed.

On a more generic note (and one that could range in price), is a luxurious candle that matches the aesthetic of her space. Candles are one of those items that we tend to purchase for a specific season, but rarely are they luxuries we afford ourselves. Anthropologie has gorgeous candles, as does Nordstrom and both stores offer ranges in price and sizing. The White Company is one you can’t go wrong with! When I lived in Los Angeles, the woman who hired me surprised me with a mind-blowingly beautiful candle as a holiday gift and I cherished it. I had never received a candle as gift before and it totally changed my mind about these being impersonal. You have to know what someone likes aesthetically and scent wise to pick something special. If you can’t afford a more luxe candle, go to your local Homegoods or TJ Maxx! I often find dupes for really expensive candles here. The downside is you have to smell everything and rummage around rather than ordering online or having help in the store.


Is there something kind of odd that your gal pal has been asking for that she doesn’t want to drop the dough on? Think about her life and where it could be more efficient, beautiful, enjoyable. Is this a journal? [If so, Passion Planner or Rachael Hollis’ Start Today are my suggestion!] Is it a set of Sharpie pens? Is it something she loves to use in the kitchen? [The Williams Sonoma Herbs de Provence is something I always want, but never buy.] For me, this is (strangely) a bird feeder. We have a window in our kitchen that would be perfect for this, but I never take the time to look for one.

My last suggestion for this category is a book. I know, I know. I’m an English teacher so I obviously love reading, but this can also be sentimental. I love to gift children’s books and write a note on the inside as to how the book pertains to the event/the person/their future/our past. There are some incredible messages in children’s books.


Again, this is customizable based on who you are gifting it to. Personally, I love children’s literature, but don’t be limited by what I love. If you need or want book recommendations, let me know in the comments! I have SO many!


Love on a Salary:

If your budget allows, I have some ideas for items that cost a little bite more.

Kate Spade is my preferred brand for most things (I’m the worst, I know). But her aesthetic just gets me. Because of the price tag, I don’t often purchase from her line for myself (I do buy myself a pair of KS shoes for my birthday every year; they hold up really well!). Something that costs a little bit more, but isn’t unreasonable, are her stud earrings  which are both practical and beautiful. Some of them are quirky and fun (hello, the Minnie Mouse? These are calling my name!) and some are classic and can be worn with most anything.

KS MM.jpg

These exact ones retail for $48, but her smaller studs run around $38 (and you can’t often get 15% off if you sign up for a mailing list).

Something I buy for myself is a subscription to FabFitFun. You could choose to gift a full year OR just purchase a single box ($50). These contain full sized luxury products and are incredible for self care. These could be customized as well. Highly recommended for any woman in your life (including your children’s teachers – hint hint!).

The last idea for this category is skincare. I am a skincare ADDICT, which is a super expensive hobby, so I’m limited to what I can purchase. Putting together a gift with multiple small trial sizes of fancy skincare is a huge win for both of you. It’s financially feasible and an incredible present to open. Sephora has a ton of options that are smaller and wallet-friendly if you don’t spring for the full sizes. They also usually have kits that the companies put together that retail for less than their overall worth, although these can run pricey depending on the brand.

Bougie Love 

Ok, so this is the “extra” category. Please note: I am extra and I know it. I think I have impeccable taste, often for things I can’t own (hi, sweet Tesla Model X). If you have the funding, go for it. Your strong, smart, independent woman deserves the world, so something a little extra can’t hurt.

A silk pillowcase will run you $85, BUT it will prevent all her frizz and her hair worries will decrease. Plus, she’ll be sleeping on silk like a goddess

Like candles, perfume can be seen as a generic gift, but I can assure you it’s not if you do it right. I once spent a full day in Sephora sniffing every single perfume they had. Did you know those little coffee beans are meant to cleanse your nasal palette when you’ve smelled too many things? I also was able to take a few quizzes to get an idea of where to start. The person who helped me matched me to a perfume based on the quiz results and my favorite color. I still haven’t purchased it because it’s SO DANG EXPENSIVE (it’s Jo Malone’s Peony & Blush Suede by the way). Fragrance is so personal, but my other two favorites are Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue and Clean Skin.

Barefoot Dreams anything. Literally anything. This is easily the softest, coziest, most hygge winter appropriate gift. Go nuts.

And my favorite of them all, an experience. What is something you two could do together and enjoy? Culinary classes? Dance lessons? A trip somewhere? While these don’t always come in a packaged box, they create everlasting memories and something to look forward to (for both of you!).

I hope this was helpful! I’m planning to do one for the gents in our lives as well. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

Holiday love,


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  1. Please treat yourself to a thistle feeder. You’ll be rewarded with goldfinches galore! 💛 Nana loved doing dishes at that window.

    Jo Malone fragrances are dreamy!

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