Blogmas Day 4 (Part II): 12 Seasonal Favorites

Today brings you the final six of my favorite twelve things in this holiday list. If you missed the first six, you can find them here from yesterday’s post.  Let’s jump on in, shall we?

7.  The Clothing

Ok, so I already covered the outerwear, but have I mentioned how much I love Christmas sweaters? The uglier, the better in my opinion. I also LOVE me a graphic tee that is seasonal. I have a few, some are school appropriate while others are not (probably shouldn’t wear my “Merry Mimosas!” shirt in the classroom). For the month of December, I’ll be featuring a new shirt for my students each Friday #festivefriday

8. Christmas Trees

I wish we could have a tree in the house EVERY SINGLE DAY. I love to sit next to it, the room dark except for the twinkling of the lights and sparkle of the ornaments, and read in the quiet. This is one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon or an hour at night. Of course, there are also parts of this process that are difficult: the watering, cleaning up needles, getting it in the house, but I think the beauty of it outweighs the challenges. So, sorry Marc, no faux tree for the Craigs.

[Sidebar: when we lived in Rockland, I tried to take the tree out of the stand and out of the house on my own. I’ll surprise Marc! I thought I can do anything he can do! I unscrewed the bolts at the bottom and tried to pull the tree up and over to lug it out the front door. I pulled it up and with it, came the tree stand, which I then tipped over to find a full lake of water pouring onto the floor. I looked up to see this monstrosity unbalanced and proceeded to be knocked over underneath the tree with all of the wetness. It was a spectacle. Note to self: wait for a second human. AND UNSCREW THE BOLTS 100%]

9. Elf on the Shelf

I know this is going to get a ton of disagreement, but I really like our little Tinsel. It’s also only our second year into this process, so we’re still fresh with ideas. Tinsel comes the day after Thanksgiving and stays until Christmas Eve. He moves every day and brings Caleigh something from Santa (it’s 95% of the time a holiday book). So far, Tinsel’s been on top of the tree, a light fixture, in a stocking, roasting marshmallows, and coloring bananas among other things. Our ideas come from Pinterest. There are SO MANY good ideas (free and easy!). It just makes Cal so happy to find him in the morning, so I really love this component.

10. Gatherings

I will look for any excuse to bring my family together (or to see my far away friends). Photos with Santa? Yes! Cookie exchange party? Absolutely! Christmas stroll? You know it! These weekend plans are cozier with my nieces and family.

11. Wrapping Paper

Perhaps this is a little strange, but wrapping gifts is something I live for (maybe a hyperbole…). The picking out of the paper, the bow, the tag is half of the gift. The aesthetic of the gift builds up the anticipation of opening it. It’s about the time put in and the thought that you care enough to wrap something so carefully, with such precision. Admittedly, I used to fold wrapping paper after I’d opened a gift. I’m that girl. I don’t like to tear into things. My family used to yell at me to hurry up since we open one at a time. I want to take my time and appreciate whatever I’ve been presented. So, I suppose this one works on both ends – the giving and receiving of gifts.

12. The Gifts

I’ve saved my favorite for last. Before you judge me (it’s the thought that counts), I mean gift giving. My love language is giving presents. I pride myself on finding the PERFECT gifts for the people in my life. This year, for our family’s Secret Santa, we decided to ONLY buy presents for our Secret person and the three girls. UGH. I do have my favorite people to buy for and I’m sad/frustrated that I won’t be handing them something they didn’t even know they needed. I look all year for gifts, but I do especially love to shop during the season! Being out and about with everyone focused on the same goal feels fun and out of a movie. I don’t mind the crowds or traffic; I love that we’re all thinking about our people and how to make each other happy.

Folks, that’s it! There are so many more elements of this season that I truly love, but these are the top 12. What are your favorite things about the holiday season? I’d love to know! (And if you like what you’re reading, would you please subscribe? Share with a friend?)

YOU are one of my favorite things,


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