Blogmas Day 18: Christmas 2019

I love lists. All lists: to-do, check, grocery, clothing, planning, etc. I thrive on them and crossing things off is a feeling of success, even for the smallest task. Every year, I keep a Google Sheet for gift ideas, purchases, if they’re wrapped, and cards; however, I tend to look at planning for this in November.


I’m creating a new plan. I’ve mentioned before that giving gifts is my love language and I love to shop during the holiday season, BUT I often don’t appropriately budget and when I have an amazing idea, I may or may not be able to fit it within the time frame I have. So, here’s the new idea – so basic, so simple – what if I purchased year round?!


Guys, I know. I’m a genius.

Ok, so the specifics here are that I would set aside a budget each month for Christmas presents with the exception of Caleigh(We have a bank account for her, so I can purchase her gifts at any time.) Each person in my life would be assigned a month so I could purchase along the way AND I would get to think about buying gifts ALL the time!  Then, when December comes I can focus on wrapping, stockings, and buying for the inevitable last minute Secret Santas.

I’m going to put together a NEW spreadsheet with months and people. I’ll keep you updated as I work through this. Ideas? Do you know how to money? I kind of suck at it, so I’d love any advice. Help! (Thanks in advance)

Here’s to planning,


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One thought on “Blogmas Day 18: Christmas 2019

  1. I have been year rounding it for years. Mostly because my daughter’s birthday is December 20th and I want to make sure that her birthday is special, as well as Christmas.
    My big plan is this. I go to Craft Fairs, and I watch for sales too. In fact, my daughter teases me that I haven’t met a sale I didn’t like! Too true!
    I also cut out chachkies for people too. I buy things people will actually like and use. It’s amazing how much fun this is for me, year round!

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