Blogmas Day 17: Silent Night

I love to sleep. It’s one of my absolute very favorite activities. I can literally never bore of it or get enough. I love naps in the daylight on the couch, late mornings in bed, and long stretches of uninterrupted REM snooze time. According to Mama Deb, it’s always been this way. She had to wean me from naps so I could do a full day of school. When Caleigh was born, those first weeks of day and night being one in the same nearly made me regret becoming a parent. Three years later and I still find myself mourning the loss of weekend mornings being spent lazily in bed.

Side note: have you seen those wine glasses that say All Mama Wants is a Silent Night? I feel like these are the perfect gift for a new mom, accompanied by her favorite wine, obvs. 

The reason I share my deep lust for sleep is because this is paired with my love of bedding. Oh, sweet sheets, how I love to decorate a bed! There is nothing more welcoming than 1,000 throw pillows and mounds of blankets and I’m working on getting better at styling our bed. We have a King because our marriage would fail without it. We had a Queen and as soon as we could afford to, we upgraded in size. Marc and I both share a mutual understanding that when it’s time for sleep, we don’t want to know the other person is in the room. Romantic? No. Essential? Yes. Who are the couples who actually sleep while cuddling? Do they exist? I’m not sure I want to know them if they do.

Is it me or does Pottery Barn Kids have the most divine bedding? I don’t mean just for kids, but overall. Their patterns are classic, yet whimsical. I am in love with so many of their bedding products right now, especially this quilt that I’d commit crime for (just a little one). This post isn’t sponsored by PB Kids, but I’d sure like it to be. They understand my aesthetic 1,000%!

Right now, our Christmas bed looks like this and I’m pretty happy with it:


I’ve actually added some king shams underneath the main pillows for height and texture. I love our flannel sheets from Target and they have cute Santas on them! I just really look forward to the experience of climbing into bed each night when it’s so tailored to the season. I look at it as an act of self love, especially as I can’t seem to shake any of the colds I’ve had this winter!

And with that, I think I might be off to bed. Writing about it has only made me eye it and want to snuggle up in the warm, soft sheets. Goodnight, my loves. And sweet dreams!



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One thought on “Blogmas Day 17: Silent Night

  1. Oh, I love to sleep too! And I adore fine bedding! Yes, I do not want to snuggle when I am trying to sleep. Husband, please go to the other side of the bed! A grandchild is different, and I will take any foot hand, arm or leg thrust in my face.
    I have never been a fan of flannel sheets, but I love heavy blankets. Recently I had to retire my old cotton comforters and I miss them terribly. The new ones are terrible and as soon as possible, they will be replaced.
    Merry Christmas!

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