Blogmas Day 14: 12 Days of Christmas

On the twelve day of Christmas, my elf gave to me, a list of festive activities!

Today I bring to you twelve things you can and should do in the next two weeks before the big day arrives:


  1. On the first day of Christmas, we make real and delicious hot chocolate to savor by the tree. I don’t mean Swiss Miss (I mean I love it, but let’s get legit here.) I mean combinations of taste and complexity. Crack out your favorite holiday mug and the whipped cream!
  2. On the second day of Christmas, we stroll under the lights! Find them. Make this a game. Go to your local light hub (ours is the Village Green) or even your Main Street. Bundle up! download.jpg
  3. On the third day of Christmas, we watch a movie UNINTERRUPTED! Marc jokes that I experience 100 Christmases before Christmas Day because of what I watch and read. That being said, I rarely watch any movie beginning to end because of time constraints. Let’s put away our phones, snuggle up together, and share an actual movie experience. So simple, so lovely.
  4. On the fourth day of Christmas, we make homemade ornaments. This could be Salt Dough, popcorn strings, or paper snowflakes; it matters not. Making something to keep or pass on brings warmth to your space (and tree!). We’re going to try salt dough this year for gift tags!
  5. On the fifth day of Christmas, we host a game night with friends. Bring those you love together for a good old fashioned game night. My family has loved Taboo for YEARS. Recently, we added Speak Out which was a blast. I need new recommendations!
  6. On the sixth day of Christmas, we gift a (tiny) gift. Who doesn’t love a Secret Santa or Elf? We do them in our family as well as at work. I prefer these to be anonymous and small; $2-$10 small. It’s just a fun thing to walk into work and find a little something at your door!
  7. On the seventh day of Christmas, we donate time (or money). Where could your time be spent giving back to others? Is it through donations of goods or money? Is it baking cookies for a Senior Home? Is it serving dinner at your local shelter? How can we spread the kindness and joy of this season to others?
  8. On the eighth day of Christmas, we write a letter of thanks/love. SEND THIS. Write a letter to someone you love or have loved. Who do you need to thank in your life? Write it by hand and send it to someone. This could be done without your name attached if you like. The idea is to show your appreciation and caring.
  9. On the ninth day of Christmas, we sing to our loved ones. FaceTime or Skype someone who lives far way this season and sing carols to them! We will absolutely be doing this to Cal’s pals Aubrey, Parker, and Inna. Get ready, mamas, for an off key sensation hitting your phone in the very near future.
  10. On the tenth day of Christmas, we bake Christmas cookies! Using premade dough you roll out or 100% homemade, whip out your cookie cutters and sprinkles. These make lovely gifts and are a memory to cherish for years to come. Perhaps even a new tradition?
  11. On the eleventh day of Christmas, we write our letters to Santa! Write it, mail it, and feel good about the guy in the red suit knowing that you’ve been so good this year.
  12. On the twelve day of Christmas, SLOW DOWN AND ENJOY THE DAY. Read, stay in your jammies, hug, and snack. Reflect on the amazing season you’ve had and who you’ve spent your time with.


Fa la la la LA, la la la LA! 


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