Blogmas Day 13: Festive Beauty Buys

As Caleigh and I sit to watch Olaf’s Frozen Adventure for minimally the 13th night in a row, I’m noticing that dang I smell delicious. While you may have seen this title and clicked out immediately, I love to know what other people buy for themselves: skin care, makeup, shower products, clothes, kitchenware, decor… be still my heart! I’m nosy. When these things collide with seasonal festive scents?!


I’m going to share with you some of the things I’m loving that will wrap you in a Christmas/winter solstice blanket of cozy joy.

Shower Wash:

  • I think the L’Occitane Almond Oil is luxurious and lovely ALL winter. Basically when the first whiff of fall arrives, this is something you should have on your body. It’s not drugstore ($25), so I tend to savor this (and frequently wait until it’s given to me as a gift!). It has this light, warm scent that sticks with you.
  • I just bought this Shower Moisturizer and Body Buffer ($10.50) in peppermint and boy, do I feel clean! It’s the shape of a snowflake, which makes it easy to hold, and one side is rough for exfoliating and the other is buttery soft. The scent is fresh and bright. It makes me feel like my skin is a candy cane (or as Caleigh says, candy can!).


Spoiler: this could easily be a Bath and Body Works sponsored post, but I am allergic to something in their lotions. My skin gets itchy and bumpy despite how I wish it wouldn’t. For some scents, like Pumpkin Spice, I just suffer through the bumps because it smells so delicious.

  • Philosophy’s Fresh Cream & Mint ($19) is light with a complement of spearmint. It’s thick – I prefer this because my skin gets super dry – and I tend to layer it on before bed.
  • Soap and Glory Righteous Butter ($13) is something I like in every season except summer because I prefer something lighter in warmer months. Like the Fresh Cream and Mint, this is seriously whipped and will last forever on your skin!



  • Have I mentioned that my skin is the flakiest of crusts in the winter? Oh, I have? Well, I mean it. I have rosacea, so it gets patchy, dry, and just overall fantastically busted. To combat this, I slather my skin in oils. I use these both during the day and at night. I don’t mind really going for it before bed; I like to look like a greased chicken before climbing in my sheets. During the day, I use the same oil, just with a lighter hand under my moisturizer.
  • FACEMASKS. Oh, hell yes. I love me a mask. I’ve become high maintenance that I also layer my masks when I’m feeling extra.
    • Glam Glow Thirsty Mud  ($59) is something I can use and wash off or even sleep in. It never agitates my skin!


  • Fresh Rose  ($62) smells amazing (maybe not Christmas-y, but can be used year round) and makes you skin dewy and even!
  • Ahava Cream Mask ($33) is another mask I sleep in, even though it’s not necessarily intended for that. It feels heavy going on, but then sinks right in!

I also make sure that whether my body or face, I am exfoliating regularly. ESPECIALLY MY LIPS. These are the first symptom of dehydration and dry skin for me. I have used all levels of lip scrub and prefer the Chapstick brand one found in your local drugstore. I can’t find a huge difference in them despite a huge price change.

Lastly, I’m working on not washing my hair as much. I know the reaction to that is usually one of disgust


but I find that if I can stretch a wash (hello BFF dry shampoo!), my hair, overtime, gets less oily. I’m still working to find a balance here, but I know that stripping it every day isn’t good for it and will force it to overproduce oils. Not ideal. I wish I could find a way to style it more naturally than with heat in the winter, too. I’d love any ideas. Can someone teach me how to braid my own hair?!

Since Sephora is basically my homeland, tell me what I need next to survive the cold months and pep up my holiday season!

Stay moisturized,



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