Blogmas Day 10: Menu & Recipe Ideas

Photo by Jill Heyer on Unsplash

Welcome to Day 10 of December & Blogmas! As we’re getting closer to the Eve and Day of Christmas, I want to share my planned menus for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Marc and I host both the night before Christmas and the dinner on the day of. For a control freak, this is a dream come true, but it is an undertaking. We have semi-high numbers (15 and 12) and not a huge space. Planning is key. I’m also not a cook who likes to repeat a main dish, so every year is a new opportunity to try something!

On Christmas Eve, we exchange our Secret Santa gifts because it’s the only time we are all 100% together. It’s loud, fun, and a bit more casual than Christmas Dinner. We host “Crockpot Christmas”; everyone brings something in a Crockpot to share, family style. We still dine at the table, but the plates are more whimsical and the atmosphere is jovial. If you follow my holiday Pinterest board, you’ve likely seen some of the recipes I plan to try. I’m going to make Crockpot Lasagna as a main dish and these potatoes (even though they aren’t technically in a Crockpot). I’ll also throw in my favorite meatballs. Our guests are bringing:

  • Dessert (this seems to be the biggest challenge for me)
  • Pork Sliders (main dish)
  • Mac & Cheese (main? side?)
  • Buffalo Chicken Dip <– YES! (appetizer)
  • Cheese Board

I’m also going to try a signature cocktail called Jingle Juice.

Christmas Dinner is a bit more upscale. I like to serve this rather than have people build their own plates. I know, controlling, but I love presentation!

Our theme this year is Southern Belle Christmas. For our main course, I’m going with a Glazed Ham. My sister despises ham, so we often don’t serve it at family events, but she’s with her in-laws this Christmas, so I can! (Mal, you know I’ll miss you, but the silver lining is HAM!)



For Southern side dishes, we’ll definitely be making mac and cheese (bonus: it’s in a Crock Pot!) and Sweet Potato Casserole. Toss in some cornbread and I think this is going to be quite a meal! Top this with a Peppermint Bark Mimosa and hot damn, we’ll be jolly.

I would love your suggestions. I do enjoy cooking and am getting better at it. If there is something your family does, please share!

Happy eating,

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