Blogmas Day 1: Advent Calendar (new tradition!)

On the first day of Blogmas, my true love gave to me…

her favorite Advent calendar! 

Welcome to Blogmas, darlings. I am excited to bring you new, festive content each day and share with you why I love, love, love the Christmas season so much. Today’s post is about a tradition we’ve never really celebrated before – the Advent calendar. Traditionally, this held a religious purpose where chalk lines would be used to mark days leading up to Christmas Eve. Now, you can find these everywhere, from the ever popular chocolate options to calendars filled with luxury makeup and skincare. (A dream come true, if you ask me. 24 days of skincare?! A Christmas miracle!)

This year, we opted for the Disney Animators’ Collection Little Advent Calendar:


Marc and I purchased this last month when we were in New York City for the best weekend ever (aka a double show extravaganza!) at the Times’ Square Disney Store. Yes, so incredibly touristy, but that Rapunzel themed escalator is worth the trip alone. This morning, we cracked into Day 1 and out popped the cutest little trinket. I’m so excited to build a festive scene with whatever Caleigh opens each day!


We also have a scratch off Advent calendar that is Grinch themed. Each day, you scratch off a snowflake and it gives you something kind to do for the day. I love this little extra mindfulness for my family. Cal can scratch it off in the morning and then we can ask her about it throughout the day. Today’s stated:

Make someone laugh today.

And she certainly has. I wish Advent calendars were themed for each month. I think the idea of celebrating each day with something small and an act of kindness would make people happier and perhaps even a bit more grateful.

Happy Day One – don’t forget to make someone laugh!



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