What’s In My Cart: Amazon Order for Crafts

What's In My Cart: Amazon

This order doesn’t include our regular staples which are:

Normally, I’d be able to pop out to a local box store or Dollar Tree and grab whatever I need, but I turned to Amazon because the less we can be out of the house, the better! #socialdistancing

So, I’m planning out crafts for the next month or so and wanted some additional supplies. Are you following us on Instagram & Facebook? I hope so! You’ll see a new Facebook Group inside The Fairy Tale Family super soon featuring all of these ideas!

What’s In My Cart: Educational

It occurred to me today that we don’t have childcare scissors when we were leprechaun crafting. I wanted to find a way to further my daughter’s fine motor skills (which you could do without this, but I thought it could be fun), so I found a little practice kit for safety scissors. In the cart they go!

Math is NOT my strong suit, so I wanted to make sure that I found a little daily practice for Caleigh to do (and it includes tracing!).

What’s In My Cart: Crafting

I know this is an odd one, but marshmallows are both delish in hot cocoa & double as a craft item! You can stamp or paint with them and they make cute clouds!

Again, another weird one, but cream of tartar is an essential ingredient to make play doh at home! You can use gorgeous pastel colors with food coloring, too.

We’ve talked about these SO many times, but we love these chunky paint sticks! They dry quickly and are super pigmented.

Extra hot glue sticks

I also popped some ink into my cart because I brought my printer home from school. I didn’t know if I’d need it for classes or simply to run off things for Cal to trace or color!

It’s not much, but paired with our supplies we have, I think we’ll be good. We have coloring books, stickers, and a rolling cart ready to go with ideas! Let me know if you end up snagging any of these items. I hope this was helpful!

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