2019 Resolutions (& ideas for the WHOLE year!)

Welcome to the last day of 2018, friends! We made it!

I could not love a clean slate more if I tried. It’s proverbial for sure – a fresh start, a new perspective, a whole 365 days ahead to become a better version of me – but it’s also a concrete opportunity to begin again. Bigger. Better.

New beginnings are underway! I have to tell ya, I’m excited. It may seem naive to feel such enthusiasm for a new year, after all, nothing actually changes, but I am doing a little reinventing so that at this time NEXT year, I’m reflecting on how much I’ve grown and proud of what I tried. That possibility invigorates me on every level.

I know there is a divergence on New Year’s Resolutions. Some people hate them because resolutions seem like broken promises on the same topics each and every year. Poo poo I say to you, good pessimist! While I don’t always keep my resolutions, I do try to honor their intentions. Personal growth tops my charts in terms of what I value, so any way for me to work toward a goal is time well spent. My problem is that I tend to go overboard (what? she’s extra? who knew…) and make 100 resolutions instead of a few that might end up being manageable.

Well, dear reader, I think I’ve found a solution for this.


Yep, 30 day challenges. I’ve done some reading on these, mainly on Pinterest and they range in literally whatever you want to focus on. The beauty of this is that I could possibly handle more than one per month due to their varying lifestyle areas. They are short enough to stay with and I really like the idea of measuring my progress in a 30 day time span.

I’m not organized enough to have planned these for the year and I also think I’ll want the flexibility to shift into what I’m inspired by each month. So, let’s talk about January!

For the opening month of 2k19, I am tackling Cassey Ho’s 100 Ab Challenge. The idea here is that there is a single ab exercise each day and you complete 100 reps of it however you choose. Do you want to bang out all 100 at once? Great! Do you want to do 10 sets of 10 throughout the day? Perfect! Would you like to do one at a time in various spurts? Grand!  I’ve done two of Cassey’s challenges in past Januarys and they’ve always been doable, but tough. I expect nothing less this year! I like this strategy because it’s for every level. Do I expect to have ripping’ abs at the end of the month? No. Just no. But, I expect to be stronger and struggle less with ab workouts. Shrinking my waist a little would also be a lovely way to begin the year and boost my confidence a bit, too!

In addition to this fitness based challenge, I am going to have 30 days of no spending. God, it pains me just to write that. Gross. This is going to be so much harder than the abs, y’all. One of my overarching goals this year is basically to stop sucking with money and maybe understand it a little more. Guys, I even built a real budget for the year. THE YEAR. I know it’s going to need adjusting, but it’s a starting point. I’ve been watching One Big Happy Life on YouTube (I LOVE Tasha!) and their most recent video about budgeting made me antsy to try making on one my own. Marc traditionally handles the household finances, but I feel like I need to overcome my money anxiety and stop assuming we always have it. In the week I’ve worked on this, I already feel more gratitude about what I do have and the opportunities we get to have as a family. Not spending for 30 days will (hopefully) provide me more insight on how I spend money and what I do actually need. Just for clarification: no spend does NOT include gifting because that is 1. already in the budget for the month and 2. people have birthdays!

Lastly, (and please prepare for a shameless plug), it’s here. I want to work to grow my readership and blog subscribers. I can see in my analytics that people are reading – and THANK YOU for doing so! My ask of you today is maybe that you subscribe. All this means is that you are notified via e-mail when I post something new. Since it’s not Blogmas, this is NOT going to be a daily occurrence. My goal for January is to double my Subscribers (if you’re on a phone, you’ll need to click the Desktop option and scroll to the bottom!). February is shifting gears to Instagram, so don’t worry, I’ll be bugging you again in 30 mere days. 🙂

Do you love or hate New Year’s Resolutions? Do you ever set them? What are they? I’d love to read your comments on what 2019 holds for you.

Here’s to an incredible year of love, fiery passion, and following your heart,



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2 thoughts on “2019 Resolutions (& ideas for the WHOLE year!)

  1. Love this post and I love the idea! I’m already having trouble sticking to my resolutions and think that this 30 day challenge is a really good alternative! One of my resolutions was to save money and by January 3rd I was buying clothes… haha I tell myself it was moment of weakness, but we all know it’ll happen again haha. I think I could try out that 30 day with no spending, although tweak the rules for things I have to pay for, like parking. I would love if you did an update, so I can see how your challenges went!

    1. I absolutely will! The no spending is HARD and I’m not perfect, but I’m tracking it and in a future post will compare it to how I was spending before I was trying to, ya know, be somewhat responsible. Thank you so much for reading!

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