10 Must Read Winter Books For Your Toddler


Let’s talk about winter books. Mama friends, winter time can be brutal with your child trapped in the house, which somehow seems smaller and smaller every day (maybe it’s the messes piling up and limiting our livable space?). How is it possible to have so many toys and nothing new at the same time? While I’d like to say I’m the mom who bundles her toddler up and makes sure that we play outside every day, I’m absolutely not. Have you ever bundled your precious angel in snow pants, tie up boots, a heavy coat, scarf, hat, and mittens only to have them announce they need to PEE AT THAT VERY MOMENT? Or even worse, refuse to go outside after 30 minutes of shoving them into these garments?


The alternative, in addition to independent play and baking, is reading! I’ve written about how we are preparing for kindergarten with 1,000 books by then and how I track this, so today I’d like to share what books we’re into this season. These are toddler focused and move beyond board books since we are able to focus for a longer period of time at the age of three.

Note: this is NOT an ad, but when possible I am linking you to my very favorite bookstore rather than Amazon. As always, shop where you like or even use your local library!

Winter Books:

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Snowmen All Year

We are big fans of Snowmen At Night, so this seemed like a natural next read for us. We move through the seasons with our snowman friend who doesn’t seem to melt despite the weather!

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The Wish Tree

This is the kind of book I truly appreciate as a parent. The illustrations are STUNNING, so it’s a joyous experience for both of you! Charles go on a journey to prove anything is possible. With this artwork, it sure is.

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Sleep Tight Farm

A soothing story about how a farm prepares for the season of winter. My daughter loves all things farm: picking produce, the animals, the tractors, etc. This is a fantastic explanation for what happens when it’s cold outside and why we can’t pick strawberries in January!

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This whole beautiful story is a flashback (I actually use this in middle school, too, as a way to show plot strategies!) to the blizzard of 1978. The best part is that it’s the author’s experience and point of view! I love everything about his narration and retelling of this epic storm.

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The Mitten

A classic Jan Brett text (and one we have signed!), but this one comes with a host of additional activities. I like to tie together books and something to do that relates. How fun would this be on a cold day to do inside?

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The Snowy Day

Yet again, a cult fave. This is such a simple read, but with heart. I also recently learned that there is a 38 minute movie on Amazon Prime Video based on this book! I love how this text captures the tranquility and near evanescence of the first snowfall.

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Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter

This is something we’d read in November to introduce a new season arriving. This text follows two siblings as they traverse their hometown to look for clues of winter’s commencement.

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Over and Under the Snow

What a feast for your eyes! I love this series and it’s breathtaking illustrations. This is very much nonfiction based and the beauty is that you are able to adapt this from newborn through 8 years old, so there is longevity in this title!

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Little Owl’s Snow

Oh boy, do we love little owl! This has been added to our collection just for winter. Join Little Owl as he discovers something new from his tree!

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Wolf in the Snow

Fraught with a little conflict, this text brings two very cute things together: a little girl and a pup. They must work together to be saved (and SPOILER: they do!).

These are 10 winter books you don’t want to miss this season and what a worthwhile way to spend time with your kiddos! Grab your snuggliest blanket and some hot cocoa and while away an afternoon on the floor exploring new places from the warmth of your living room. Enjoy!

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