10 Must Read Spring Books for Toddlers 2019

With the welcome weather of spring, we like to transition Caleigh’s books in her bedroom. Since I’m an English teacher an avid lover of reading myself, when we designed Cal’s room, we wanted there to be multiple spaces where she could find books. We have a rolling cart where books stay pretty consistent throughout the year, but my favorite reading nooks are her shelves because I get to swap in themed books for seasons, holidays, or whatever she’s learning. This weekend, I moved her winter reads to her closet. Here are the top 10 Must Read Spring books currently on her shelves:

  1. egg by Kevin Henkes

Henkes is a prolific author. Chrysanthemum is a cult-classic and I knew Caleigh would like the simplicity of the artwork and the repetition in this text. We read this so frequently that she can “read” it back to us. The story of finding a friend in the unlikeliest place make this book something I will continue to read to her. This would make a lovely Easter gift and it’s fun for parents to read, too.

2. When Spring Comes by Kevin Henkes

Must Read Spring Toddler Books : When Spring Comes

I believe in author allegiance, ok? Looking at my library check out list, I actually have four Henkes books out because I’m a fan. He just has such relevant and lovely spring offerings! This beautiful book about possibility and how winter turns to spring feels like hope to me. It preaches patience and how nature rewards us when the flowers bud and the trees bloom.

3. The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

I know this feels like cheating because this, by no means, new, BUT it spurs a lovely activity that can be done year after year. Caleigh and I read this together and then I showed her a mini grow kit that I purchased at Target for $1 in The Dollar Spot! We walked through how the seeds go in the dirt, how to water our seedlings, and where to put our tiny pot in the house. I purchased a few more with gardening tools for her Easter basket, but I love how this book opens up a conversation about how to grow and take care of living things.

Image result for target dollar spot flower pot

4. A River by Marc Martin

Must Read Spring Toddler Books : a river

If you’re going to judge a book by its cover, let it be this one! These colors SPEAK to me and the artwork inside is just as gorgeous. This is a tale of a brave traveler in her imagination, looking out the window, and voyaging through all different water ways. I read this to Caleigh on a particularly “spring” (read: rainy) day and then we looked out our front window to play pretend and talk about what we saw. This beautiful book gives us a template to go by and Caleigh mimicked much of what we saw in these pages. Like so many of these, you can read them at any time of year, but I love this on a spring afternoon!

5. Windows by Julia Denos

Must Read Spring Toddler Books : Windows

Continuing with the thematic connections of looking out the window to tell a story, this book takes us into our local neighborhoods to find out what people are doing at home. The protagonist here goes for a walk to explore their world and embraces their curiosity. Since spring is the season when we start to go for nightly walks after dinner again, it’s nice to pair this with what we see when we’re out and about!

6. Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni

Must Read Spring Toddler Books : little blue and little yellow

When the weather warms up, we tend to get into messier activities because we can do them outside. One of our faves is painting. We actually did this indoors last week because it was a little colder than I expected and now I remember why we prefer to go on the back deck.

Little Blue and Little Yellow Painting

You could mix colors with paint, food coloring, or even homemade Play Doh! I love the blob-like images in this book and it works really well to introduce color blending! We even did a little with what happens when you add white to a darker color. Lilac was our favorite!

7. Bloom by Kyo Maclear

Must Read Spring Toddler Books : bloom

For Valentine’s Day, Caleigh received Coco Chanel which details how her built her empire when no one else was doing what she was. Bloom is also a fashion designer story that has a spring theme to it. Like Henkes, I am a huge Kyo Maclear fan; her art is vibrant and makes reading her books engaging for both you and your little!

8. If You Hold a Seed by Elly MacKay

Much like The Tiny Seed, this book focuses on the journey of a seed through patience and love. Even though the story is simple, the illustrations here draw you in. The little boy sees this growing as magical, and thus so does your little reader!

9. Finding Spring by Carin Berger

A little bear cub defies nature and rather than hibernating, looks for spring. A celebration of the changing of the seasons and filled with paper collage images, this is a super fun way to welcome in spring.

10. Here We Are, Oliver Jeffers

Here We Are - Oliver Jeffers

Ok, so this book has so much information in it and we absolutely don’t read all of it. We focus on the core text and look at all of the planets. Oliver Jeffers is a HUGE hit in our house (again with the author allegiance) and we are exploring every one of the books he writes.

So, that’s the roundup of Must Read Toddler Books for this spring! What are you and your kiddos reading? I’d love to know what titles to add to our library list!

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